which bushnell 3200?

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Mar 26, 2004
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i have decided to put a bushnell elite 3200 3-9x on my new rifle, but can't decide on which specific model. i have it narrowed down to the following:

1. 3-9x40 multi x reticle
2. 3-9x40 3-2-1 low light reticle
3. 3-9x50 multi x fast focus

i will be using the rifle for meduim range deer hunting (out to about 400 yds.) and
also coyote hunting, so i want something that will perform well in low light conditions. also, i was wondering what the 3-2-1 low light reticle looks like, and what makes it work in low light?
thanks-wi whitetail
My opinion would be go with the standard 3-9x40, multi-x. For normal hunting conditions it will work fine. The 3-2-1 low light reticle is a step down type reticle, were you have real heavy post on the outside, than move down to a medium post, than stepping down to a standard fine crosshair in the center. So there is basically 3 different thickness in the reticle.

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I have a 3x9x40 multi on my savage 7mm RUM-works great-nice clear optics plus it comes with rainguard
If your interested in a Bushnell 3200, check out the new Legend series that is offered by Bushnell. I bought the Bushnell 5-15x40 Mil Dot with "fully mulitcoated len's" and am very very happy with its performance. I also saved alot of money by purchasing it through SWFA.

I have one of the new Legends (3x9x50) on my 338 Winchester. Side by side its tough to tell the differance in clearity. I do like the 3-2-1 reticle on the 3200 though. Plus I got the 3200 on a hell of a sale at a local sporting goods store. The price differance was minimal then.
I have the 30mm tube 3x-9x50mm Elite 3200 "Firefly" Bushnell which will be taking the place of my 1" tube 4x-16x50mm
Elite 4200 on top of my Sako TRG-S Warbird
after I'm done climbing the Mts. for Dall Sheep.

There is nothing wrong with the 4200
only reason I'll be switching is 'cause of the area I hunt for moose, the ranges won't be much past 300 yards and with a lot of
hunting pressure the bulls only appear in the last and first few minutes of light.
Therefore the decision to move to the 30mm
tube and the Firefly reticle.

My experience with the 4200 has made me a believer in the Rainguard coating and the Elite series of Bushnell scopes, you'd be hard pressed to get a better scope for the money you'll pay for the Elites, guaranteed!!

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Here are some numbers to crunch,
you mentioned low light so here goes-
All the scopes are Bushnell Elite 3200's
prices are from S.W.F.A www.riflescopes.com

3-9x40mm multi-x $174.95
3-9x40mm 321 $184.95
3-9x40mm fastfocus $184.95
all the above scopes have an exit pupil
of 13.3mm (3x) and 4.4mm (9x)

3-9x50mm 30mm tube firefly $234.95
this scope has the highest exit pupil
16.7mm (3x) and 5.6mm (9x)

my 4200 4-16x50mm has exit pupils at
12.5mm (4x) and 3.1mm (16x)

You can see why I'm switching to the 3200 30mm tubed scope, a much higher exit pupil will gather much more light and will be a lot brighter and clearer in low light.

Hope this helps you decide!

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I am sorry to disagree with you but the 30mm tube is not going to transmit or gather any more light than a 1" tube. The reason for the higher exit pupil is the 50mm objective. You willhave the same exit pupil with an Elite 3200 3-9x50, 1" tube.
You are correct, a 30mm tube will have the same exit pupil #'s as a 1" in a like scope.

My friend went for the 1" firefly 'cause he didn't want to switch scope rings, I went with the 30mm with the idea that the fatter tube will be brighter.

In a side by side comparison with those two scopes we found that the 30mm was indeed slightly brighter and clearer when looking into the dark woods late in the evening.

Maybe we both stared at the Northern Lights too much as kids here in Alaska, heh, heh,
but we both came to the conclusion that the 30mm is better in low light.

But you are right on the exit pupils being the same in both scopes..
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