Which 7 Rem Mag brass has the thickest necks?


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Dec 12, 2005
Tucson Az
I am currently using Win brass, rifle has custom reamed chamber with a no turn neck from Pacific Tool and Gauge. Considering trying neck turning on the thickest brass I can find.

It appears that only Norma, Win, Rem and Nosler make brass. Can anyone tell me which brass has the thickest necks?
Well its hard to say, winchester and remington are both good brass but the down fall to them is the brass does not under go the QA that brass such as Nosler, Norma and Lapua do. I would say one of the later 3 are the ones to go with if cost is not a concern. as far as thickest necks i dont recall ever seeing anyone boasting thick necks. Even wall thickness and over all case uniformity is what you get with the higher end cases. I would go Lapua...hope it helps even though i didnt give you the answer you wanted.

Thanks for the reply. I cannot find Lapua 7 Rem Mag brass offered. Did find a source for Federal. Also forgot about Hornady.

I suppose once I begin shooting at 1000 yds and I see vertical dispersion it might be the time to try turning. I could just skim turn the win brass I have on hand. Up to now the 14 lb LR rifle has been very very accurate to 500 yds.
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