Whats the longest shot you would take on a brown bear

458 Lott with Softs……at like 50 yards so I don’t need a scope. I would hope 2-3 of those could stop most anything!
So if you were going to hunt Sitka Blacktail on Kodiak Island what caliber would you choose? Considering the bears think the sound of a shot is the dinner bell.
I was in that situation once when trying to put together a Sitka Blacktail hunt. That's another reason why I have the 338 WM. That deer hunt was to be a pre-courser to a bear hunt as well. Unfortunately, the whole trip fell apart and I never did either one. I regret that, as I probably could not do that hunt today for health reasons. If I could I would take the 375 Ruger over the 338 WM.
Hey, I used a 375H&H on my one and only brown bear hunt. We hunted on Kodiak self guided. My gun shot the 235 TSX just a bit better than the 270 TSX. So I had that 235 in the chamber and the 270’s up next. I spotted a bear we finally had a chance at on day five. We were up on a ridge watching a big flat. We watched a big sow catch a Sitka Blacktail deer from the same spot later in hunt. You talk about impressive, holy moly, that deer didn’t have a chance. She just ran it down in about 50 yards. Anyway back to my bear, when we caught up to him he was about 80 yards from us. We were up on the side of the ridge and he had just walked thru a saddle and was walking parallel to the ridge. We both got prone, I put my first shot right behind the front leg. The boar snapped at his side and started spinning like top. We shot until the bear stopped moving. 7 shots total, I shot four times. My buddy was shooting a 375 ruger. I found two of the 270’s in the hide of the bear and there were five shots that connected. One of the 270’s went thru both shoulders and the other went chest to hind quarter. He squared out at 9 foot. Carrying that hide the three miles back to camp almost killed me. My buddy carried the skull. I’ve been back to Kodiak a few more times hunting other critters and I usually take a 300 Wby. Always hunt with a partner and we’re usually close by. On the last trip there we had a 3 or 4 year old get about 30 yards from our tent. We managed to scare it away. Later in the trip on our hike back to base camp we spent the night camped half way there and a bear got half a deer I shot.
Take Care
Hey Akdad, my 5ft 3in, 120lb wife shot my 375, free hand and put two shots bracketing the bullseye about two inches apart at 100 yds. She said that would work if she ever gets a buffalo tag here.
I guess depending on how big your 10 year old is, if they can shoot the gun you think is big enough, make it happen Dad!!
Good luck and Take Care
I think it’s very interesting this thread started in 2005, and it lives on with great spirit! I’ve only hunted big bears once, and that was with a pretty famous professional guide. His rule was it had to be under 300 yards, and then only with a perfect rest and shot angle. I was carrying a 33 Nosler, which the guide thought was okay, but his personal rifle was a .375 Ruger. (And the only reason it wasn’t a .375 H&H was because his had been lost while on a rescue mission saving a hunter who was swept off his feet during a river crossing.). BTW, I didn’t take a bear on that trip, but it’s still a hunt that will last forever in my memory!
I’ve never shot the 375 ruger so can’t comment but I have two of the 375h&h and it’s very comfortable to shoot. I got rid of all my 338s because they hurt me 😂😂
The old 375 is boring as can be but I’m ok with that.