Whats the longest shot you would take on a brown bear

My 2nd cousin lives in AK, not sure exact location but my first cousin (his mom) visited him. She walked out onto porch with coffee cup enjoying the morning. He came flying out with a .375 and told her don't ever go outside without him and rifle. He pointed out claw marks well over door that looked like a medieval castle door. He has a 375 by front door and one by back door. I know he is near coast but that is all. She stayed rest of week and never left cabin unless he went first! I talked to him maybe 10 years ago and he felt 375 was perfect. Hits hard and manageable plus ammo was available. He loves the solitude and not surprised since my cousin told me the "road" was 2 ruts and beat the heck out of her just riding in. But I never forgot how strongly he felt about the 375. So if a lifer there with bears around all the time believes in it, I gotta go with it as well. They were Model 70's which makes sense.
Muddyboot, A friend of mine that lived fairly close to Valdez, killed a pretty decent Brown just off of his porch! His .375 H&H was adequate for the job! 😉 memtb
That plain Jane ho-hum old warrior will level any brownie it reaches out too.....problem is to the man-bun generation it's too old....what dumbasses they really are..
Well, from what I am hearing and reading my 2 biggest Guns, a 30-378 and a 300 RUM shooting 225gr. Would not be enough. Well I guess it doesn't matter, I would never get a chance to hunt them anyhow. My longest shot, I think I would limit it to MAX 200 yds. 👌
More than enough with the right bullets...both will travel a long long way with thumpability.
I think a .375 H&H is perfect for big brownies. I sold mine when moving south. It deserved to stay where the bears are huge. With the grizzly population increasing here, I did purchase a .338 WM. I have not heard of a 9 foot grizzly in WY.