What is value of Savage RUM rifle


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Sep 4, 2009
Malta NY

I have a line on a Savage 300 RUM SS, black synthetic stock etc...

Supposedly in like new condition.

Anyone know what the fair value would be on this rifle?

Regards, Aldon
So is 600.00 too much??? A bargain?? I missed the opportunity of getting one for 500.00 so I know demand puts the value higher than that as the fellow told me he was inundated with calls.
I wouldn't pay $600 for one. It's a matter of what it is worth to you and what you plan to do with it though. I usually buy complete Savage rifles just for the action to build on and the .2" of mag box and maybe a large shank aren't worth much to me.
i have seen them, although infrequently, go from $450 to $650. If you feel good about the negotiating, then start low and know what your not to exceed price is and then be willing to walk away.
Thanks for the responses gents.

Pretty much the same thoughts I already had but I needed a sanity check....

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