What is your hardest kicking rifle?


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Nov 14, 2009
I know this does not always seem logical as the most powder charge should have the worst bite but here is mine from most to least.

1)12ga 3" buck shot
2)338RUM BDL no brake
3)270 WSM M70 FWT
4)270WIN Tikka with factory pad hard as a rock
5)325 WSM X-bolt
6)325 WSM BLR
7)30-06 BDL
8)270WIN Sendero
Here`s mine in order:

375 h&h mag no brake
50 sidewinder
500 s&w mag 20 inch barrel
450 marlin
12 gauge 3 1/2 mag
300 win mag no brake
i have a very light model 70 winchester 30-06 that kicks pretty good although after i put that limbsaver recoil pad on it its not too bad so maybe its my 7mm STW. I guess i dont really have a real hard kicking one. I once had a 300 win mag that was very light and kicked like a mule but i got rid of it not very fun to shoot plus i was only about 18 at the time and did not want go get into any bad flinching habbits.
1. my cousins Savage 110 in 30-06 is the hardest kicking sob ever! Like a Misouri mule with both feet!

Mine are as follows;
1.single shot cheapo h&r with 3'' slugs
2.Win m-70 300wby mag
3.Browning A-bolt 338 win mag
4.Win m-70 30-06
5.win m-70 fwt 270 wsm
6.Rem 870 with 3'' 00buck
7.Browning BAR safari 338 win mag with a brake

The rest of my collection are 12 ga autos or 30-30 and smaller so none of em' kick much in comparison to the above mentioned.

Theyre all tollerable, but that dang savage of my cousins is in a league of its own!
I would have to say ; my 416 buff with no break (A modified 416/375rum) with over 75 ft/lbs
of recoil energy and 29 ft/sec recoil velocity.

The hardest I had was a 30-378 running 220g pills at 3100fps. It hurt me when I shot it prone.

Without a doubt my turkey gun shooting 3 1/2 inch with #5. That fast burning shotgun powder would loosen dental work. Although neither are rifles my .444 Marlin Encore pistol is no joke either.
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As expected the 50 BMG was a handfull...even with the brake on it, the 375BMG was a lot easier on the shoulder:D
The Ruger 77 in 7mag was a shoulder bruiser before I put a real recoil pad on it but the little 18" barreled H&R 12 guage shootin 3" slugs is just plain rude!
The SRH is fun to shoot with 45LCs but is nasty on both ends with fulll house 454 Casull loads!
I have shot a 300 waetherby no brake thats weighs under 7 pounds. I have a 30-378 shooting 180's without a brake. Have shot 240's in the 30-378 with the brake. The worst I have ever had against the shoulder even compared to a couple of 416's, shotguns, and a 50 bmg.... Merkel single shot stalking rifle chambered in 300 Win mag. I do not know the weight but it would kick the hell out of you even with a recoil pad on your shoulder. We were only shooting 165's and 180's.
1) 470 Nitro Exp double (not sharp but pushes you to a whole new plane)
2) savage 210 12 ga slug gun with 3 or 3.5in mags
3) 416 Rigby double
4) light weight stalker 375 h&h mag
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