What is the Best Range Finder


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Jul 3, 2005
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Hay Guys

I am Looking for an Best Range finder on the Market .

Wright know I am Looking an an Swarovski 8x30mm .

Is they an better Range Finder out there ?

I am going to use it most of the time on Coyote , Elk an Deer .

I have an Nikon wright Know .

What do you Think ?

Yep, there are better out there if better means price on the order of 3000 dollars and more.

The one you mention should be good for the game you mentioned except when your only shot opportunity is really looooonnnnnnngggggg range.
The Swaro is the best but it pales next to the Vector------the Vector is Fugly expensive...
Nice product but the product specifications did not list the divergence which is very important when ranging through trees and brush.
Leica 1200crf. I think the only area the Swaro bests the Leica is the rated yards it will range, I think the Swaro will range a couple hundred yards farther (my Leica will range rocks and bare hills out to 1400 yards, haven't got it to read past that).
The Leica Geovid is not a rangefinder than the Swaro, sorry but thats just the honest truth. The rangefinder in the geovid bino is actually the same one that is in the Leica 1200CRF and while it is a VERY good rangfinder it will not range as far as accuratly as the swaro. In my personnal experince you can trust the Leica rangefinder out to around 700-800 yds on deer sized animals, the swaro will get you out to around 1400-1500yds on the same game. Remember just because you can get a rangefinder to read you back a range on a object does not mean it is correct. i have had nikon 400 rangefinders read me ranges on tree lines at 950yds, doesnt mean it is right.

Unless you can afford a Vector the Swaro is the best bet for your money followed by the leica 1200crf, the geovids way to **** much!!!!

I am also looking at rangefinders under $1000. Has anyone compared the Zeiss Victory 8×26 PRF to the leica or the swaro?
I am also looking at rangefinders under $1000. Has anyone compared the Zeiss Victory 8×26 PRF to the leica or the swaro?

I have had all 3 one time side by side but, haven't enough data to give you any solid advice. BUT, I own a Leica 1200 CRF and a Swaro laser guide 8x30. I had them side by side a couple days ago ranging speed goats in mid day light, flat ground. Rangefinders were on a solid bench on a rest. Goats were 1031 yards away. The only way I could know, was the Lieca hit them several times. Swaro would not touch them. But the Swaro would range the road bank at 1250 yards behind them. :rolleyes: Like mentioned before, watch that beam devergence!! It cost me a trophy deer last year. I think they both have merit, but on flat ground I like the Leica 1200 CRF. If you are ranging trees, rock walls, or into hillsides, the Swaro will range farther. If you are ranging game on flat ground, DON'T over look the Lieca 1200 CRF.

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