What is the best compromise for 1000yd benchrest/hunting caliber?


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Sep 25, 2002
I would like a caliber capable of harvesting quickly at 1000yds, say mule deer even elk, but also will group well enough for me to begin my hand at some benchrest competitions. Any thoughts on a good compromise form the astute members, who obviously have more long range time and experience than I do? I have heard 300wthby would be good, and some of you guys agreed, but what would be your first choice and why? I will fireform and load wildcats if necessary, so that's no factor.

Thanks in advance.
I shoot a 300Wby and would not hesitate to take a poke at a mulie within the range of my Leica 800. Never hunted elk so can't say.

For LR hunting, bigger is better so consider the Wby as a min. and go from there. However, you don't need that much gun for match shooting.

Refer to an excellent article on cartridges for LR hunting by Dan Lilja on his website. Pretty much covers everything you need to know. Also refer to the 300tomahawk and RUM projects posted on this forum.

There will always be compromises and if I had to, I would rather compromise on paper instead of hide.

Good luck...

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