What bipod for hunting???

Interested in learning, at least hearing other ponderings. Why a bipod or tripod? At 75, ounces equal tons, shorter range, more creaking next day. Please share why are you opposed to using your pack? Less weight to carry minus the bipod, less to fux with, get caught in brush. Better recoil management on pack....rifle slides in recoil better on pack than skittering bipod. Easier to traverse/elevation adjust/level rifle to eliminate cant on a pack, just checking your level vs fuxing with bipod. Better range of position building.....prone on ground, over rocks; upright for kneeling; can hang pack on short/lower branch to make shooting "sling".....cross strap pack to tree trunk for infinitely variable height rest.....kneeling, standing...... Often free support rifle on pack for extended glassing for that fleeting shot. Ya' can lead a horse to water, but it's up to the horse not to die of dehydration...... If one is dead set not to use a pack, a shooting monopod or shooting sticks work great, more height range, not so attached to rifle for flexibility. I've used a monopod that inserted into belt for standing rest, ease of sneaking on a shot,..... Have used dual support head on a monopod for RF/rifle where RF steadiness is critical for precise ranging out where it matters most. Just an old geezer's decades of learning what works for me.....sharing....YMMV.
The OP was looking for bipod suggestions, and specifically not using your pack.
As an experienced long range marksman in the field you should know how to build a position out of whatever items are at hand, and yes your pack is very useful. I'm going to say that you should not limit yourself to just your pack though. If 75 oz's is too much to carry, get in shape for that expensive hunt and loose 5 or 10 lbs. Or perhaps use a sling and shoot without support, why carry a pack, they are heavy.
A quality bipod is much more stable, and used correctly should be your go to position closer to the ground. A quality tripod is much better for sitting, kneeling and standing, and again is much more stable.
I know what it is like to carry a heavy gun and pack in the mountains. I also know how to loose weight, I lost over 100 lbs at Weight Watchers 10 years ago!
I prefer to plan for and carry the needed items for the hunt that I'm on, including my overweight rifle because, I will have the best chance of making the shot of a lifetime when the opportunity presents itself!
To the original post, hope you found a quality bipod!
Atlas, MDT, Feirce all good don’t waste time and money on cheap stuff off Amazon , you spend good $ on your rifle setup then practice a lot I live in central Mt and surrounded by mountains so I have the privilege of hiking all year with my full pack . Every time I go for a hike I shoot , use any and everything you can to get the right setup and practice at ranges you plan to hunt at. Most of all have fun doing it

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