What are you shooting?

yea, I was into the weatherby accumarks had them from 257 up thru the 338-378. shooting the 338-378 and 30-378 you have to handload just to afford to shoot them. Now it is the HS's ( due to heart surgery a few years back). 223 thru the 325 WSM in the handguns, still handload. got hooked on the handguns and haven't shot a long gun in several years now. taken Oryx in NM and many deer and antelope with the HS's, just before leaving AZ i bought my lifetime hunting license there so have been adding bonus points for the last 8 years. will start next year applying for hunts again. Kevin may remember me as the guy that drew all of the tags my first year in AZ, elk,deer,antelope and javelina. never drew again.
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Then quit trying to one up the conversation.[ QUOTE ]
Don't be fooled into thinking these forums aren't watched.

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So what? Your sounding paranoid. Let them watch. The only ones who need to be worrying are the ones who have something to hide. This whole thing is much to do about nothing. Bill T.

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