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I think I will make another similar to it, since I have another barrel, and I know now that it will work. I am thinking a wood stock. Maybe walnut padouck laminate.

So many projects so little time.
MTBA, that's a 700 receiver? What exactly is it's purpose? Anything an XP can't do? Is it legal?? Doesn't look long enough, unless Remington "tagged" that receiver as a "handgun".
It was a brand new reciever and the serial number is recorded as a handgun. I know this topic has been discussed many times on this sight. Not really anything an XP can't do, I just didn't have an XP to go off of.

"What is it's purpose?" are you talking about the gun itself? If so, its purpose is so that I can put it in a backpack without a big barrel sticking out and catching on things, and run miles and miles way back into the backcountry, scale rock faces, and perch atop a high mountain ridge and still be able to take game at long range, if need be.

What doesn't look long enough? The reciever? Must just be the angle.
Cool. I figured you must have gotten the receiver from the factory as a handgun receiver.
I meant, the gun didn't look long enough to be classed a "rifle". Doesn't have to be though, huh.
MTBA , I also would like to use a new Rem receiver , bolt for a pistol . I would very much like to know who you had register this action as a pistol , I've called All the major manufacturers.. and they have said absolutely no...and Rem won't even sell a action , because of current production needs...thanks for any help... I do have a couple of projects I'd like to build....
Why not just go to Wally World and buy the cheapest Remington 700 ADL you can find in whatever action size you need, and chop it up for your new pistol project? It would probably be cheaper in the long run anyway, plus you could recover some of it by selling the stock and barrel for something. Bill T.

The BATF frowns on turning a rifle action into a pistol (criminal act type frown) you can however fill out a form and submit it to them to re-designate a rifle action as a pistol action , I believe it costs around $200.

Here's a little reading on the subject:BATF email

Remington didn't have to pay $200 for every XP. They were manufactured as pistols from the start. Not NFA guns.
Remington won't and can't re-register a receiver from "rifle" to "handgun". They can however call the receiver a "handgun" before it's sold. Not many people have that kind of influence with Remington or any other major gunmaker.
Stupid, but that's the way it is.
Here's my Toy's. 500S&W,454 Casull Raging Bull with 2-8 Leupold under 3 burris sig's and last but not least 45-70 Encore with MT and Leupold/Gilmore red-Dot.

And My XP-100R's Purple one is a .260 with 3-12 Burris B-plex,Grey one is 35 rem with 2-7 Burris B-plex, and Maroon one is 22-250 with 3-12 B-plex.
Bill, you can't legally do that. If it's a rifle, it's a rifle. Even new in the box receivers that have never been barrelled are "rifles". I have three new, in the box receivers. Two 700's, and one Dakota. On the box, next to the serial number, they all read, "RIFLE ACTION".
I've contacted Remington too, to try to get 700 receivers from the factory as handgun receivers. They won't do it.
I'm not trying to argue the law here, but how would they know? And what could, or would possibly happen to bring it to anyones attention? I would think AR-15 guys have "crossed this line" hundreds, if not thousands of times building up AR-15 pistols. Which are completely "legal". Bill T.

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