What do you hunt with your 1911?


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Mar 27, 2010
N.W. Ohio
I've been wanting a 1911 45acp, for some time. A 5" barrel length is a minimum, here in Ohio, for deer. I'd consider it for close shots on coyotes too.

What do you hunt with your 1911?
Do you have a favorite load/bullet?
What do you consider a lethal hunting range (subjective to individual shooting skills)?

Thank you, Bowhunter57
I have carried a 1911 for duty, off duty for 30 years. When the 460 Rowland upgrade came out, putting this awesome setup on placed this in the midrange 44 Magnum range of power. It is confidently now my backup when fishing on Alaska salmon filled streams. With 185 and 200gr incapsulated SWC bullets I would not hesitate in taking any meat animal at 100yards or less. I use a serious charge of HS7.

My long time personal use 1911 was machined about 25 years ago and Smith and Wesson sights were installed.

I have killed a few deer out to 50 yards with an old Colt 1911A1 made for WWII. I used a 200 gr cast SWC and 7 grs Unique. It will double lung a deer with a 45 cal hole and you can eat right up to the bullet hole. :D

By the way the former owner of this pistol used to hunt Japs with it using 230 gr hard ball ammo.
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