What are you doing to get ready for backpack hunting


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Jul 18, 2012
Hunting season is getting close and I am curious to know what the rest of you are doing to prepare. Below is what I have doing.

At this time of year I all but quit shooting my rifles and focus primarily on shooting my bow. I'm shooting every day now making my equipment and my self are dialed and trying go get my muscle memory rock solid. I am also hiking with a loaded pack about 2 miles up a steep hill and 2 miles back 3 days a week. I try do something physical at least 2other days in the week.

I this isn't as hard core as some guys but it sure seams to give me a head start
Ive been hiking up a steep hill about 3 times a week (about a mile in distance and about 600 foot climb in elevation) and playing basketball 1 night a week. Trying to lose this spare tire ive been carrying around lol
Fill a few jugs with water and put them in your pack. I fill 20oz bottles and place them in small compartments of my pack. I fill 1/2 gallon jugs and place them in bottom fanny pack detachable section. I fill 2 gallon jugs with water and put them in the main compartment of my pack. I use it on walks/hikes and around the yard doing things. Trying to train my muscles in my back for the weight!
Just got back from a hike with a 50+pound pack. GPS showed 3.82 miles and a 863 vertical feet gain. Very rocky and my feet hurt from the down hill stretch coming home but I know its going to be worth it.
Walking/hiking since the beginning of the year. Attempting to simulate the conditions by training on hills or whatever inclines I have available. Going to begin in the near future with weighted pack, however don't want to start to soon. This 61 year old body does not take well to increased stress. Old is not fun.
Lots of time shooting the bow right now, and practicing angles shots on 3-D targets at between-pin yardages... 37, 53, 46, etc.

I'm working out 6 days a week, run, bike or hike with a weighted pack at first light, and then weights on my lunch break. Shoot in the evenings after the kids are in bed.
I've been doing squats but it sounds like I should be loading up the backpack instead! In my case my hunt is not backpacking but I'm hoping to help a buddy haul out some elk meat on his hunt in rough country.
I've been doing squats but it sounds like I should be loading up the backpack instead! In my case my hunt is not backpacking but I'm hoping to help a buddy haul out some elk meat on his hunt in rough country.

I think anything helps but I like the weighted pack on natural terrain because in the past I felt ready because I had been using the elliptical or P90x only to find out that I wasn't as ready as I had hoped to be so this year I am adding the weighted pack hike to my plan. Hope it works. I know each trip is getting easier and I'm also getting my boots broken in
I do a routine that basically is aerobic one day and strength/endurance the next day. Rest as you need to. It includes long runs (22km at its peak) and once a week at least, a full backpack ruck hike. I live in the "bush" so my training is actually were I hunt as well.
Started walking flat ground with boots and 55 lbs backpack 1 to 3 miles. Then mountain bike time after each walk. Rides are 5 to 10 miles to get the legs pumped up again. Takes about 40 minutes to 1 hour and a half depending on the combination used.
I start wearing ankle weights around the house in the spring of the year then while mowing the yard. Then I move up to 20 lbs in the backpack then finally 35-40 lbs while mowing the yard. Throw in a few trips to mountain lakes during the summer and viola.
By the way the wife and family know I am crazy because I leave a perfectly good riding mower sit while I mow 2 acres of grass on a weekly basis.
Walk as much as I can with intervals of lunges and at least once week take a hike at a near by mountain that has an elevation of about 1000 ft. Also, go to the range once a week and shoot the intended rifle to be used for the trip.
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