What 17 HMR is everyone shooting?

Well, you got me curious re: Hornady vs. CCI. Decided to give the Hornady load ( 20 grain HP XPT )a try.
I'd be interested in your findings. 17 grain shoots great in mine but 20 grain seems to carry better & hit more accurately at longer distances. Too, it may not be hardly as sensitive to wind. (Maybe it's psychological?🤔)
I shoot a marlin, the wife and my oldest shoot savages and my youngest shoots a Henry. All are quite accurate and fun. 17 hmr just seems to be inherently accurate. I love mine suppressed.
American Precision Arms built Sako P04R with Lilja barrel. Puts ten rounds well under an inch at 100 yards.

" ten rounds well under an inch at 100 yards ". Consistently regardless of type of load, lot to lot variations, and wind conditions? Man, if they had 17HMR competition, that would have to be world class!

Prefers the 20 gr gamepoint. It shoots the 17 gr slightly worse but still very good.
Mine is a Marlin 917 heavy barrel laminated bought in 2006. *** model, lol no not the other *** 🤣 Its wears a BSA Sweet 17 4-12x when I bought it you could only buy 4 boxes of ammo, the demand was nuts. Being I bought the rifle he lett me buy a brick of 500
100 yard blackbirds are easy. The scope dials work great, dial to 200 yards & its right there.. havnt shot it past 200, the HP just isn't there
I shoot a Marlin heavy ss fluted barrel 1" all day long at 100 yards . We used to put a golf ball at 100 yds and shoot where ever it went as fast as the next shooter could get on it to keep

I have the Marlin 917VS and its sweet. Super accurate. I would go with a bolt option. The savage and Marlin are good intro priced guns. Get a bull barrel. The bolt option saves you ammo over a semi auto configuration ;)
My 917 heavy blued fluted is nasty accurate❗ & I don't clean the barrel very often