hunting with my cz American 17 hmr


Feb 16, 2011
This 17 hmr set up has a bushnell 6-24 power scope with a wolf eyes sealion hunter 1000 lumin torch,Awsome for hunting pests with.With 17 hmr & 204 i really have varmits & feral pests covered in open farmland both really hammer!


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Can't beat a good CZ rimfire. My 452 trainer is worth more to me than any of the fancy rifles I 've ever had. Those Czech boys know how to build them right. Those are some nice looking dogs as well. Exactly what are they, and how do you hunt them? Obviously at night, but are you calling, baiting, spot and stalk? Looks like it must be a lot of fun!
Yer it is a lot of fun.They are foxes,with the 17hmr I just walk around with a headlamp on low light then scan every 50m with the bright wolf eyes.Foxes in Victoria Australia have a $10 bounty & wild dogs have a $100 bounty!.We have a big problem with foxes,feral cats,rabbits & wild dogs.
I thought they were some kind of fox, but wasn't sure. You fellas seem to have all kinds of usual critter to hunt (at least unusual to me), just had to ask. Bounty hunting at night sounds ever better than just doing it for fun. Looks like I'm going to have to add one more hunt to my bucket list.
I think you would like it down here,never ending supply of rabbits & foxes to shoot.You can shoot them for a job!lightbulbIll swap ya a thousand varmints for a mule deer,elk & whitetail:)
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