weighing 22 ammo

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Nov 17, 2008
i am convinced that weighing the ammo works. i usually break it down to .1 grain lots when possible or combine a "multiple tenth lot" example: if the ammo range weighs mostly between 50.0 and 51.0, i'll put 50.1,50.2,50.3 in one lot, 50.5,50.6,50.7, in another , 50.8, 50.9, 51.0 in another. whatever is left will be for foulers. i'll then pick the best weight or combined weight lot for my paper compitition shooting, my second best for silhoutte, 3rd best for practice, etc.

when shooting through a chrony, that's really where the proof is in the pudding, recently did an ammo test on aguila golden eagle ammo on another site that shows the average fps of the different weights, however the post doesn't show that when a "flyer" accurred, either the fps spiked either on the high or low side.

that led me to believe that weighing them doesn't weed ALL of the lower or higher fps rounds that caused the flyers, but it DID weed out MOST of them.

the fps range on that particular test was low 1020's to 1068, which the really different fps showed up on paper.

so you are on the right track weighing ammo, i can't seem to remember what the best wolf weight was out of my rifle, however i do remember that the range of wieght was substantially lower than many other brands which i also believe leads to why wolf is accurate.

weighing, lubing, and lotting cheaper ammo really makes it perform better, or at least more consistant.

i just use a digital grain scale.
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