Weaver SS 3-15x42


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Jan 14, 2012
SE Washington
Slapped a new to me Super Slam on my new 6.5 CM Barrett Fieldcraft.
Wasn’t too far off out of the box when bore sighting. First shot at 50yds was 3” low but perfect horizontally.
Adjusted it up and next shot only about an inch higher... hmmm.
Dialed up another 12 clicks and that shot went 1/4” from last.
Now I am concerned....
Dial more elevation and still nowhere. Dial a few more and hit the top...Argh
Rip a 4.5-14 Conquest off my 243 AI and in 2 shots got it dialed and commenced to cut ragged holes at 100..
Call Weaver and the tech immediately says “that is normal to have more adjustment in the turret without any in the erector...Really!
Than proceeds to tell me if I have to adjust it more than 6moa to zero it I have issues as that scope only has 20 MOA each direction but you really only want to use about half that....

Bravo 4

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Jul 20, 2007
The South
Man that sucks! I have a 2-10 that sits on a 30-06 and it is one of my favorite hunting scopes. It had been on a .338 RUM for hundreds of rounds without issue. Tracks true and I like the pop-up turrets.