Weatherby Vangaurd 7mm rem mag. new Barrel options


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Oct 29, 2012
My quistion is should I replace the barrel or save up for a new gun?
Am I expecting too much from my Weatherby Vanguard?

I own a 7mm Rem Mag Weatherby Vanguard I bought when i was 16, 26 yrs ago. I have killed many elk and deer with this gun. I have gotten into reloading and long range hunting. I purchased a knightforce optice 5.5x22 nxs. I am looking for reliability and accuracy to make ethical shots out to 800 yards. I am able to shoot groups at 200 yards 4 shots under 1.5 inches. The more I shoot the accuracy goes down. When shooting from the bench, how much time should I take between shots? What could I expect from a new custom barrel assuming I could even put one on my action?
I see you posted this 4.5 years ago and there are no replies listed. Have you found new barrel for you Vanguard 7mm Magnum? I just purchased a Vanguard 7mm Mag with a 20" barrel and would like very much to re-barrel to 24" or 26" but i am unsure of the options. I would really like to know what you found and are there options to re-barrel....? Thanks, :{)
My vanguard came with a 24Inch barrel.. working great.. I suggest that if you want the maximum from your 7mm rem mag,, get it in 26 inch , especially if you want heavier bullets to fly above 3000 feet per second.
As mentioned a 26" barrel would be great and I would suggest an 8 twist so as to be able to take advantage of the high BC .284 bullets
Weatherby uses metric threads... 26mm x 1.5mm TPI.

***Edit, just saw that this thread was dug-up from the depths... Guess this info is now useless.
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