WC872 and 7mm SAUM


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Feb 26, 2003
I have recently become the owner of a Rem 700 BDL SS 7mm SAUM.

I am wondering what you guys think about using WC872 in it.

It has a 24" barrel.

Too slow. You will get the best performance from powders like H1000, Retumbo, IMR 7828 with the heavy bullets.

For the mid to light bullets, H4831SC, Re22, even H4350 would be my first choices.

Look up the Hodgdon website for more load info. That gives you a base to cross reference with other powder types.

The WC872/H870 really work well in the 7 Rem mag and STW and 162gr bullets. The smaller case just doesn't have enough room to use this slow of a powder. Especially, in such a short barrel.

If looking at surplus powders, the burn rate around H450 would be appropriate. I think the suplus number is WC 852 or something like that. Only problem is that some of these powders do string because they don't burn consistently.


Thanks for the info, I bought the BDL mainly for the SS action. It was reasonably priced. Going to shoot the 7mm SAUM and see how it compares to the 7mm RUM. Maybe neck the 7mm SAUM down to 6.5 SAUM and put a long barrel on it.
I think you will find performance very similar between these two cartridges in a 22 to 24" barrel and mid weight bullets.

The 6.5 SAUM will be perfect. The 6.5-284 has shown that this case size works very well with match 6.5 bullets. The larger SAUM case should up the performance for hunting.

142gr MK, or 140gr Amax at 3200fps would make an excellent deer load out to 1000yds.

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