Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 MRAD EBR-2C Riflescope PST-43128. ANY GOOD ????

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Getting close out emails on this scope.

NIB $540 shipped ?

Good deal ???
They've been $529 at EuroOptic for a while now. The ones I've looked thru have been less than impressive at 24x. The Gen II's are supposed to be better glass.
I have had 3 of these scopes for around three years now and for the money they are pretty good deal gave around 750$ when got mine like the EBR-2 reticle for hold over
Picked one up from EuroOptic about a year ago and put it on my AR for some varmint hunting. For the money, it does absolutely everything I need it to and then some. When I'm hunting at low light, the illuminated reticle is very helpful! The only thing I didn't like about it was that I had to order additional shims in order to set the zero stop on both the elevation and windage turrets. Depending on the deal, I don't think you can go wrong. Especially considering how fantastic Vortex's customer service is!
I have two of them. Here is the good, bad and the ugly as I see it.
They track very well.
Decent glass for the money
They flare terribly looking toward a sunset
They have a very tight eyebox, making them slow in the field
They are very poor in low light.
I have regulated mine to target rifles where they are very happy.
For that price, I don't think it's a bad deal. The zero stop is a bit antiquated. The glass isn't great by todays standards but useable. I had both a 4-16 and 6-24 FFP model. Both of them did end up going back to Vortex for warranty work. One was a canted reticle, then moisture buildup, then broken internals.
I had two of the Gen1 scopes and I wouldn't own them again. Orange dust nailed it, except my one of my Gen1 scopes didn't track. I have used two Gen2s and they have been great.
I have 2 bith have tracked perfect. One is .1 mil low at100yd tracking to 10 mils the other is .2 high on the same tracking test. The glass would not fair well with optics in that price point today but it's not too bad if you use the sunshade. The big booger hanging off the ocular for the illumination can make your gun case be a bit too tight. Both of mine show about 10yds further for parralax adjustment. I like the reticle the open crosshair makes it easier to shoot small. My USO's have genIIXR's which I like for prs but cover way too much for precise group shooting.
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