Vortex PST Gen2 5-25 vs Athlon Ares BTR Gen2 4.5-27

DJ Fergus

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Dec 25, 2015
Anymore, You couldn't give me a Vortex scope besides the Razor HD series. Vortex has cheapened their build quality it seems from what they were putting out the first few years of being in business.
Far too many reports of scope failures on all of their other product lines.

Athlon, so far has produced some really good scopes. I have a Cronus, Ares BTR, and a Midas BTR that have worked great for me. These are all 1st Gen scopes, and while there are things that I could complain about like the turret feel, etc., the scopes have decent optics, and track pretty good. I do like Athlon's reticle choices.

I still think the Sightron SIII scopes are better than the Viper PST, and both the Ares BTR & Midas BTR in scope quality, glass quality, and tracking. Sightron just needs to offer more bells & whistles with a lot of their scopes. They seem to lag behind other brands for years before offering things that come on other brands like zero stops, new reticle choices, etc..
My thoughts exactly on sightron. Not all the bells and whistles but has a track record at doing what it's made to do: tracks well and repeatable, glass that surpasses philippines & chinese made optics. Bells and whistles are not worth much if the scope doesn't track & repeat well. Sightron is still at the top of my list for favorites. Another plus for sightron is that they weight a bit less than some of their competition. Not super lightweight but lighter.


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