Vectronix Terrapin, PLRF05... Same thing?


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Mar 2, 2012
So since we found a spot to shoot 1900 yards and our leica 1200 isnt doing it past 1100 or so ive been trying to talk my dad into getting a vectronix and after looking at their website i think the terrapin and plrf05 are the same unit. Can someone confirm this?

I just purchased a Terrapin a few months back and love it. So far I have ranged objects out to 2400 yards. My RF has Terrapin written on it, but I went to the web site and the only units Vectronix has listed are the Terrapin, PLRF 10, 10C and 15 on up. So, with that I see the Terrapin listed right before the PLRF 10. Also, on Sniper's Hide they have an test article and add for the PLRF 05-Terrapin, it's a great article, just google it( Vectronix PLRF05) and it all comes up.

Hope this helps.
It does help thank you, i did see the snipers hide article and thats what made me believe they were the same unit.

My dad is looking at selling his Swaro and buying a Vectronix so this thread couldn't have come at a better time. :)
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