Van Dyke Muzzle Brakes

I have a new to me 338 RUM that I bought from a guy in Nevada arriving this week and it has a Van Dyke brake. I have never heard of them, so I did a search on here and found nothing. Anyone ever experienced one before?

Custom Made Rifles, Tactical Rifles and Sniper Rifles by Van Dyke Rifle Designs

I had a customer, Greg W. bring me a rifle in 300 wm that he ordered from
Van Dyke, with his brake on it. I replaced the brake with my CSR 3 port brake, and Greg told me it worked much better and wasn't ugly. My opinion is the port openings are to open, too much distance between baffles.
Being too open was my first thought when I saw it. We will see when I get it. My 338 Tejas has a D.E.brake on it so I will have something to compare against.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Having said that I'm not too crazy about how they look either.
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I got one one time and it looked like it was machined by a hungry beaver. Sent it back and endored the worst customer service I ever experienced. Took a very long time to get everything straightened out.

I will never ever go that route again. ever.
Tried replacement route first...long story short after being himhawed around I got my money back. I still have yet to get responses to emails I sent them over a year

My first impression left a salty I never dealt with again...not saying they are still like that or always were like that.
Good to know this kind of feedback so one can take it into consideration when contemplating a purchase. At least you got your money back. Thanks for sharing/headsup.
Well I got the rifle, the brake is a kinda big and ugly but then again so am I. It looks like a nice piece of work. It will recieve a range session this weekend and I will let you know how it performs. Try to post some pics tonight.
If the looks get to you then you can always opt for a different brake as they aren't too expensive. Good luck shooting it and let us know how it does.



Thought you said a 338 RUM not a 50 BMG. You weren't kidding that's a big brake!!!
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