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    Have any of you shot the 110g V-Max in the 270 win into deer size game. Just wondering if they will hold up enough to get into the vitals or just make a mess on the hide and not get inside.
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    Rifle shooter Magizine did a field test on the new 6.8SPC and hunted some mule deer and elk with it. , the bullet they used was the 110grV-max bullet. Hornady's Wayne Holt said "the 110gr V-max bullet should do at least as much damage as an arrow" They did kill a mule deed with it.

    Personaly I would say NO , that the bullet could blow up to fast and not get into the viatals if you hit any dense meat or bone.
    I coulden't believe that anybody that works for Honady would say such a thing especialy when they will not reccommend that you use a 168gr A-max for deer out of a 308 win. Anybody that would make such a statement obvously doesen't bow hunt or know the differance betwen how an arrow kill and how a bullet kills , that like trying to compair apples to scopes !!!
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    Feb 19, 2003
    I hunt deer with the A-max. It works well on deer. I took three deer and a black bear with the 155 grain A-max this last season. 46 grains of H-Varget and CCI bench rest primers did the trick. Hornady manual said to use them on thin skin animals. Its an awsome combination on deer. Try the V-max on your doe tags and tell us what happens.
    Good luck!
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    What is the largest game you guys have used a v-max bullet on?
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    I killed a big whitetail doe at just over 200yds with a 75gr V-max out of a 257Wby launched at a little better than 4000fps , bullets hit upper middle neck , just about ripped the head off totaly only small piece of hide holdng on.
    lots of coyotes out to 400yds , looks like they ate a stick of dynamite
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    Soooo... Only one of you guys use the v-max bullet?
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    Apr 27, 2002
    I would not be hesitant to shoot a deer with the v-max do to over expansion issues. I would simply not use it because the bc is only .37 the 130 140 and 150gr sst all have decent bc's, and are made for taking deer sized game.

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