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Oct 25, 2003
Bogota, Colombia
Just wanted to let everyone know of a recent experience I had with JW3 of USO. I have recently come across two used, but excellent condition USO SN9 scopes. I sent JW3 an e-mail yesterday evening and asked if he would extend the warranty to me on the scopes. I received my answer back this afternoon - all I have to do is send him the serial numbers of the scopes and he will process the paperwork over to my name and warranty the scopes. No questions asked, no inspection, etc. etc.

I know there is an endless debate on the various boards regarding USO (especially this one), but this is just another example of the great service I have received from USO - timely replies to e-mails, extending the warranty, answering BDC questions, etc. Other than the difficulty in ordering a catalog a few years ago (which is moot now that they have it on their website), I have had nothing but a positive experience dealing with USO. Take it or leave it, but they have done me fairly and I will gladly purchase their products in the future (actually, I have two sniper's hide SN3's on order). YMMV, but I have no complaints whatsoever - their stuff works and is backed up with great customer service to boot. service

JW3 - thanks for your support and quick reply!


Hello, glad to see ya here.....

e-mail me about the Tan tactical sling...


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For a man who wants to pull his company out of the black cloud it is now under, I would say this is a very good first step on the long road ahead. But let us remember that their prime competitor ( Leupold ) has a long standing “We fix our scopes and don’t care who the original owner is” policy. Why not do it for everybody? Past history being the way it is, I’m sure that there were a lot of USO duds that were sold off by their original owners. The way their current downloadable catalog is worded, if you’re the second hand owner, you can expect no support from USO. Their policy, not mine. But if they can do it for one, why not all?

Another step in the right direction is the settlement with Mike Miller. Very wise indeed for USO not to drag this into court. Now how about loosing the threat to sue anyone for “misusing” their catalog? I’m talking about the nastrygram on page one directly beneath the USO logo. Think about it, how many other catalogs have you seen in the world where the first paragraph threatens to sue you?

In light of the recent ( yet rare ) good news from USO, I’ll skip my sizzling bacon commentaries.( ) But so far as their condescending comments in regards to their competitors, all I shall say is that you had better be sure your on top before you talk down to the others.

JW#3, A good start to be sure. A VERY good start! But if you seek to be taken seriously in this community - it’s going to require a complete revamp, not just idle tweaking here and there.

Regards to all, ang keep things moving forward.

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extend garanty ??? USO are lifetime garanty so why extend garanty

other point :
where you are able to find TWO used as new SN9 this scope is just 2 year old and very few are on the market ? i had just see the first one in USO shop two year ago because I am perhaps a "dummy" BUT I have make a trip in CA to visit the wonderfull USO company !!! and that was AMAZING !

If they want to make some thing fine they probably need to solve quality problem for their cusomers of already delivery scope that far better .

good shooting

Yes, I am Mike Miller AKA Tactical.

SCL JBWIII and I will do a combined post about this in the next few weeks. Its all over and no great story to tell.

USO and I have settled our differences and I respectfully ask that these issues not be brought up here again, involving my name. Hell neither side wanted to go to court, so we handled it like men and talked it out. What more could you ask for.

Here is how I look at it. Things sometimes get screwed up. Men come to understandings when things do not go right and then go on with life. JBWIII and I were friends for many years before crap got between us. I wish it never happened, but it did and now I just want to see USO and everyother US Company do well and make the products we need and want.

I have lost many friends this year and frankly I only find room in my mind and heart for good things. Since Afghanistan I have had one knee surgery and one elbow arm surgery. Both major and career threatening. Once my elbow is healed I need a second knee surgery. I plan on concentrating on the good, healing, helping all that ask and making things better for those that follow this old snipers foot steps.

I have plans to work with many companies this year. Projects include Leupold, Nikon, GA Precision, Springfield, Valtro, Michaels of Oregon and who only knows. Its time to put old stuff aside. Work to better sniper/shooter related projects and just enjoy life.

On the slings, I am back to making them, as healing is going well.

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No problem fellas - I am not trying to drudge up anything and am glad that you guys got things patched up.

Tactical: Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery. I spent the better part of a year rehabilitating an ankle and shoulder injury...and they never got back to 100%; functional, but not what they were before - hopefully your case will be different - my only advice is don't push too hard to fast. You will want to, but there is no super quick way through the process. At least there wasn't for me :-(

JBW3: Thanks again for your great customer support! I will absolutely do business with your company in the future.

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