US optics scope!


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Dec 15, 2001
I had the chance to fondle a USoptics scope on a local Police snipers rifle, a Robar SR90 in 308 win, the rifle had a 18" barrel with an AWC Thundertrap suppressor, very cool setup.

The scope was an SN3 1.8-10X44 I think I am in love!!!

The glass was the best I have ever seen. The scope was very impressive to say the least and talk about high quality machining.
I can't wait for to get mine.
I'm not sure how much it cost, I think it was about $2300.00 as that is what they list the scope for on their site.

Big chunk of change for sure, but remember that price is with all the bells and whistles, illuminated reticle, extremely tough/waterproof turret covers, special reticle, and BDC engraved turrets.

The base scope can be purchased for 1375.00 or you can add their ERGO adjustable objective for $100.00 which is all you really need.

You can buy other SN3 models with more magnification, which I'm sure would be of interest to members of this site, here is a list:
3.2-17x58mm with ERGO OBJ $1850.00
3.8-22x58mm with ERGO OBJ $2000.00

If anyone is interested in a fixed 10x or 17x scope, they have an ST10 that is a real bargain. Prices on this model start at $895.00

Me and my friend each have an ST10 on order in the 10x configuration. I must admit we ordered all the bells and whistles for less than $1500.00

I will post pic's when we get them if you like.

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It takes TAX dollars (someone else's money) for gear like that! But, on the other hand, The bad guy has a knife to my daughter's throat with the sun to his I want Mr. Swat Sniper using that Tasco scope? NAhhhhhh. For all I know some guys buy their own stuff? I'd be curious?

I figured the prices would scare everyone off. lol

The department didn't pay for the Police Snipers rig, he bought it himself. I would estimate the total package ran him around $7,000-7,500. It is definitely nice knowing that he is around when there is need for one.

Check out the ST10 guys, it's a fantastic scope, it costs less than Leupold M4's, and will blow them out of the water.

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