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Jan 24, 2002
I'm new to this board, and a quick search yielded only one general reference to US Optics scopes.

Does anyone have any experience with these scopes?

I'm curious how they compare to Nightforce, regarding price, weight, optics quality, etc.
Well, I dug around a little on the site you linked to, under the Production Scopes, which lists some of the ones that they have sitting around available. An SN-3 1.8-10x listed at $2165, which concurs w/ what I recall when I first looked into them a few years ago: Extremely expensive, but the few people that I know that have seen them said they seemed to be extremely heavily built, and of exceptional quality. Personally, I'd love to have one of those SN-9 externally adjustable variables, but I would have to guess that the price would be somewhere around that of a small car!!! For that kind of dough, my Leupold Vari-X III LR scopes work just fine, and NightForce scopes start looking like a steal!!

Just a thought,

I have used them. I have associates who have used them extensively. They are spectacular. There are no other scopes like them for clarity and performance. Scope quality and performance are not the issue with US Optics. Delivery and customer service are a continuing theme when you talk with their customers.

I am a manufacturer and have professional relationships with competitors of US Optics, so it would not be proper for me to give an extensive review. Communicate with other customers and I think you will learn what you need to know.
You can get a SN9 7-33x58mm w/external knobs, for $2300.00, USoptics scopes are expensive, but they are the toughest & most repeatable scopes around (in other words the best).
Many say they could smash any other scopes housing with a USoptics scope, and the usoptics scope would still function 100%. Bold statement, yes, but I have seen USoptics scopes drive nails into wood, without any signs of failer. Eat your heart out Leupold.

Their ST10 is the most popular (fixed 10x44mm), it costs less than the Loopy MK4's, you can add a lot cool features to it that will bring the price up.

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At a trade show the fellow who owns U.S. Optics slammed a scope three times on a hardwood bench, so hard that people walking nearby actually stopped in midstride. I am talking holding it straight up above his head and smashing it downward as hard as he could. Then he handed me the scope and said to check it now. Scope was incredibly sharp and the turrets functioned perfectly, clicks were snappy and the reticle was moving.

I seriously doubt that there are many or maybe any other scopes that could handle that abuse. Was it a specially built SHOT show sample? Doubt it.
USoptics will have a booth at the Shot Show, I would recommend everyone going to stop by and check them out. They have some new options that look very impressive. (BDC's, external turrets, etc...)
i have 3 with #4 on order
10x44mm and 2 10-40x56s
$8560 for the 3
i also have Leupolds, NightForce scopes that are great scopes unless you compare them to the US Optics.
if your after the best long range scope you can buy US Optics are the scopes to get,
customer service is better now than a few years back but still sucks, and the price, well the 4 scopes will have cost me more than my first house.
unless i'm miss-informed Unertl and US Optics are now the same Co.
i do know that US Optics has the contract to rebuild the Corps scopes
you are right that Unertl made fine glass

I've never skimped on gear for the most part (much to my wife's dismay). As you'll see below I just bought a really nice Pentax 80MM ED spotting scope, use Leica bino's, etc.

But, I'm struggling with the price/value ratio on the US Optics stuff since I'm not THAT hard on my gear. At 3-4 times the price of a comparabel 30MM LR Leupold, I need to know more about WHY they're that much better. Clearly from the post above about using it like a hammer, these things are super-engineered. Probably over-engineered for most non-military/professional Alaskan guide applications. Obviously if I were hunkered down with the 101st 100 miles SE of Kabul in a 20degree fog, having pulled my .338 Lapua behind me up the rocks in a drag bag, waiting for the shot of a lifetime on Mullah Omar it'd be a different story..

As my brain starts to process the thought of spending as much or more money on the scope as the rifle, help me out.

And I'll extend your question a little further, if I may:

What does the USO scope offer over the Nightforce NXS scope for twice the price?
night force makes a nice scopes but they designed for deer rifles same as Leupold
USO scopes were designed from the begining to be no holds bared the best scopes avaliable. the price sux! but so does the price of a HUMMER. a Chevrolet 4x4 will do most of the same things a HUMMER but it's not a HUMMER. when i first started shooting compition 30yrs ago i used what i could scrape togeather. now that my biggest bill is school for my girls i buy the best
i'll say again the price sux, if they were made in China they'd be priced like trashcos.
It isn't just ruggedness but the scopes have lifetime repeatable clicks/adjustments, they use stainless steel gears whereas most other scope manufacturers use aluminum or other soft metals that will wear much faster. Some even use plastic!

It is also true that you can throw the scope at brick wall and it will still function 100 % Combine this the best Clarity and brightness of any optic and you will begin to see why the scopes are so expensive.


I think the NXS scopes are awesome! The only thing I can see that usoptics has over them (besides the fact that you can run a USO over with your car) is the clarity of the glass and a wider field of view. USoptics also has a lot more features you can add on like BDC's, custom reticles, etc... I really like the Ergo focus on the USoptics over the sidefocus type knob on the NXS. The Ergo focus can be used as a rangefinder (when target is in focus look at the dial and it tells you the range).

I know the scopes could cost less than they do but I think it is a function of demand. They are at full production now (even with the high prices they have) so if they reduced the prices they would loose money.

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