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Nov 3, 2001
Sydney Australia
Any opinions on US Optics scopes compared to Leupold Mk 1V.

A friend of mine in Australia is looking at US Optics as an alternative to getting Leupold Mk 1V and sending to Premier Reticles for dots.

The caliber is 25/300 Winchester and for long range field use only.


US Optics will blow the Leupold away for edge-to-edge quality. I suggest them very much. I have used them on the .338 Win Mag, 338-378WM, .30-378WM and a SingleShooter T/C Encore in 340 Weatherby.

I would rank the scopes along with a Burris Scope Black Diamond in quality and clarity.

Leupold is still hard to beat for the $$$, but if set on US Optics, you can not go wrong!

Long Range Shooting Positions - the Weatherbyman Website

Let me know where I can help further on this choice.
Firstly,what is a Burris Scope Black Diamond

If he was to outlay extra money to get a US Optics it would be mainly if that scope was superior in the mechanical areas such as adjustments ascompared to Leupold Mk IV

Burris Black Diamond 30MM Tube, in the 6-24 X 50MM Ballistic Mill Dot is even better than the US Optics for serious Long Range Work. The clarity is unreal!

Leupold M-IV is going to be hard to beat, but the Burris Black Diamond for under $700 will be every bit as good as the Leupold and carries a lifetime warranty like the Leupold.

Check out the Burris Website:

Burris Website

The Weatherbyman Website
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