US Optics Field Observation Scope


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Nov 2, 2003
Washington State
Any reports on this spotting scope? I've been considering it for backpacking for some time due to its compact shape and size and lowish weight. I would think the optical quality would be great coming from US optics and I really like the MOA reticule option that would allow a spotter to more accurately call 2nd shot corrections if needed. I just wonder how it compares to the 65mm objective Swarovski scopes optically. The Swaros are certainly bulkier and heavier, but wow optically.
considering what the Leupold and the Vortex Razor cost... that might be a viable option at just over a grand.

I too would like to hear of the performance of these scopes. :)

I'd forgotten it's FFP.

Description from Midway USA: The U.S. Optics Field Spotting Scope is the perfect spotting scope for all shooting situations. It features a front focal plane GAP reticle to help estimate range and 15-40x power magnification to allow you to close in on those far away objects. The body of the spotting scope is constructed of 6061 T-6 aluminum and features a type III hard anodizing. The high-quality lenses are fully multi-coated to offer the brightest sight image possible. Each U.S. Optics Field Spotting Scopes is hand built to ensure the highest quality possible.

Link to spotting scope on US Optics site: U.S. OPTICS - Field Spotting Scope
Anyone have experience with this spotting scope?

Alan Griffith (A.G.), I received your PM but the site said that I could not PM you back for some reason. I'd like to know what you think of the glass in this spotting scope compared to say, Swarovski glass. Which reticle do you have in it?
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