Unit 49 in Idaho

Nov 3, 2003
I drew a permit for bull elk in unit 49 in Idaho. After hunting four days and seeing nine bulls I took a so-so 6x6 bull. I was shooting a model 7 Rem in 300 Rem s a ultra mag. I use a 4x12 Leupold scope with a Drop'in'sator and will go out to about 600yds.

I shot this bull at 575 yards.I did a lot of shooting from 300-600 this past summer and use a lazer range finder. I would like to set up another long range rig with a little more horsepower, maybe a full ultra mag in a 300. Thanks Outlaw.
Congrats on the bull and welcome to the Forum. This is THE place for info on LR Hunting...Check the archives for pics and info on some of our LR rigs...

I too would like to know the details of the load, bullet etc. That a pretty good poke for that cartridge on an Elk. Congratulations btw....

Again, welcome to the board and you'll find alot of info. in the archives about the 300RUM.
Thanks for the welcome. As far as the load it was 165gr Remington factory load for the 300 Rem. S. A. Ultra Mag. with a 4x12 new Vi x II Leupold. I put a Drop'in'Sator on it and I use a lazer ranger rangefinder. I ranged one of three bulls at 564yds as they were moving up a ridge,I layed prone shooting off my day pack. I had been shooting during the summer 300-600 yds. Outlaw
Poor bastard's from Idaho.
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