Anyone have or know of someone that has an Idaho Unit 49 late cow tag?


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May 12, 2009
Sweet, Idaho
Howdy all. This should probably go in the Elk forum but I think more folks read this category.
If you have or know of anyone that has a late season cow elk tag for Unit 49 in Idaho, PM me and I'll give you info on a pretty much guaranteed cow elk hunt.
Couple of restrictions----no ATV's and no radios, etc. Hunter must be ethical and a responsible person. This is a perfect hunt for someone who wants to get their first elk. SHOOTERMEDIC on this site can vouch for the place as he came down for an early season cow elk hunt.
I'm gettin tired of fixin fence.....................


Have the same fence problem down here!

A very large range fire, this summer, took out their winter feed. There are two herds. One of 48 that is a regular yearly event. The other is/was 110 that are new comers.

Blocked Rich Lane, east of Blkft, twice. Sheriff and F&G closed the road on two different days.

A funny/sad scenario.

Pickup pulls up to road block. Driver sees what's going on.

Says to fish cop, "Can I shoot one?" Fish cop only if you have a tag, don't shoot from the road and get land owner permission."

Driver asks, "Who's the land owner?"

A third fella says "Me."

Driver says "can I shoot one?"

Land owner says, "Sure."

Driver walks over to a fence post and asks "Far enough off the road?"

Fish cop says "yes."

Bang, flop! 25 yard base of head shot.

Lots of help getting it loaded in the pick up after permission to drive a few feet through the gate.

It's one of those years.:rolleyes:
Roy, I know EXACTLY what you mean.
I watched some "hunters" last weekend across our field going after two lonely cows that had managed to stray into the field. There were two trucks---one parked on BLM property next to our place and the other truck drove down the main road and honked his horn trying to get the elk to move. They did this for over an HOUR AND A HALF.
Finally the elk moved towards the truck on BLM land and the two guys got out and started shooting. I stopped counting after 15 rounds. Next thing I see is the two elk going over the far hillside.............
It would actually be funny if it wasn't pathetic.
I most likely would have let them just go after them if they would have asked. But no way after seeing what kind of "hunters" they are.

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