Two Nice First LRH Elk

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    A younger member here "smokincoyote" and I spent some time this year preping him and his rife for a LR shot. Two sessions at my backyard range and one session in the hills shooting LR was enough get him going on his own. He took it from there.

    About the rifle. A Winchester Featherweight inherited from his grand father. Completely untouched. When shoot for accuracy he shot it a solid 1/4 MOA @ 200. He then put a Leuy Mk-4 on it to stretch it out a bit.

    After the our work out to 540 or so he switched to Berger 180s (I think) then practiced out to 700+

    Here are the email and pics I got from him.

    Oh, the reason I no longer have a Leica 1200 LRF is that he now has it. Cause he needed to upgrade.:)


    here is the result of your days spent with me teaching me the finer points of long range hunting. Well I was able to shoot mine at 653 / 654 yards. and my brother was also able to do so. Thanks for all the help. Hope the city is treating you good. The only bad thing is it literally took 3 days of back packing the two bulls out. It was awesome


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    Ok the 6x7 bull is mine (bart) and the 6x6 is my brother's. I shot mine at 653 yards. It took two shots to seal the deal. My brother shot his at 650 and it ran a ways and was behind/under some trees, so we moved down the hill to a rock outcrop and he sealed the deal at 554 yards. Killed him deader than a door nail. However, we are going to earn it during the pack out. It is nasty country that is slick area. but well worth it. They are actually a little smaller than I first thought, but I had limited time to decide and I thought it was a 6x7 so I let it fly.I'll have to measure them and get back to you on size.


    On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 3:30 PM, Bart wrote:

    My face hurts from the grin.

    I have learned when you can shoot a long ways like that you can shoot elk in really nasty spots.

    Thanks again


    Brother's Elk

    Bart's Elk

    Maybe the shooter will chime in with additional details.
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    Those are a couple nice bulls!!! Well done guys!! Hopefully we can get some more details:D
    Props to you also Roy for helping guys out the way you do, looks like you'll need a LRF upgrade also, :D:D:D
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    Very nice going guys! And good on you Roy for your part!
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    Very nice bulls. Congrats to all. Roy, wish the best for you and hope you are doing well.

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    Nice story Roy,
    Thanks for posting even though is not your hunt.
    Hoping to know more details from the hunters.
    Nice bulls.