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Nov 13, 2001
Kalispell Montana
Im currently in the process of building my long range hunting rifle and am running into some dificulty finding a action.Do any of you gentlemen know of any large wholesale outfits that might cater to someone with a FFL? Im trying to find a Model 700 bdl action or barreled action for a 300 RUM.Thanks for any help.Im currently trying to run down a copy of the gun list to see if that would help.Anyways any kind of information would be of help.Thanks and have a great turkey day!!
Thanks for the offer Darryl,no offense but I can buy a brand new M700 Bdl 300 RUM for about $520.00 through Jerrys sports center at wholesale.I was also told that it had to be a 300 RUM action anything under, 300 win mag etc..would not work.But I appreciate the offer.I wish I could find just an action ,but that will probably be a hard accomplishment.Owell have a good thanksgiving!
I bought a brand new action, Rem 700 for $325. now this is with out floor plate and trigger, but I didn ot want a magazine box or a factory trigger so this worked out great. here is a link to the guy I bought mine from. He will sell you just action. If you need a trigger and floor plate the best thing to do id wait until walmart or Dunhams has a sale on rem 700 in 30-06 for a LA or a 308 for your SA I tried to find the "used" deer rifle but had no luck. Most where as much as a new gun, but then most had a scope as well. But for a project give him a try. If you want to get a serious action like a Panda or a stolle, or a neskia or even a viper. I have a source for them but that are a tad more hard on the budget then a rem 700 also. Good luck

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This one is the full stainless 700 action and barrel with the detachable magazine.

I'm quite sure this action will work but, if you can find a magnum action alone, you would be better off.


I have a factory stainless (Barrel and action) Remingtom 700 mag chambered in the 300 WEATHERBY.
It is a factory rifle with the synthetic stock and has the removable clip.
It has had 25 rounds through it and I would sell the whole outfit for $100.00 under wholesale.

I want $550.00 for it and it has stainless rings too.

Let me know before I change my mind about selling it. I should hold on to this one

Darryl Cassel
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