trijicon identification


Mar 22, 2010
Not really long range but I was hoping one of you guys would recognize this scope. I picked it up thinking it was fiber optic but its not.

On the front bell ring it reads: Trijicon 3x9x40, on the bottom of the bell it reads: contains tritium, purchaser is exempt etc, etc.

On the back part of the scope there are for threaded openings.Three of the openings have colored "glass" in them, green, red, amber. The fourth has a plug odf some sort with a screwdriver slot in it.

The side of the scope at the turret says: BAC3-9x40REV21:23
below that is says 000007
and below that is says made in Japan.

I am trying to find a manual for it or at least a model # I can search for...