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Dec 20, 2009
Boise, Idaho
What after market triggers seem to be the best??? The only two I have heard much about is Jewel and Timney and for hunting what do most people like to set their triggers for???
My trigger is set for 3lbs, thats the lowest the gunsmith would go and on my wifes 300SAUM its set for 2lbs.
I really like her trigger more then mine. I am curious as to how a 1 1/2 lb trigger would work for hunting???
I have established that my gun will shoot bergers but they need to be set real close to the lands. Now I just need to decide if I just shoot it as a single shot or try and come up with the money to have that wyatt extended magazine put in, at first I thought I may be able to do that myself but it sounds like there are other things with the gun that need to be adjusted once you put that extended magazine in.

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