Tikka t3


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Apr 24, 2009
Pocatello, ID
Hey guys I need your opinion on the tikka t3. I reason that I am
hesitant is that I do not see alot of parts to add to. I have heard that the rifle will shoot amazing. I want it for long range hunting capabilities. Any thoughts

I've used mine plain-Jane from the factory to shoot some game out to 850 yds. And targets out to 1000 yds. They're generally shooters right out of the box. Mine are the Tikka T3 Lite model.
mine shoots like crap.....

Yes kraky, that is horrible, box it up and send it to me and I will make it useful:)

I have been reading great things of the Tikka, I think I will enter the maket for 1 soon.
Dang kraky, by the looks of things i would hate to see one of your rifles that you say shoot awesome :). I would have a huge smile on my face with that group.
T3 lite 223 with 1:8twist I got for my daughter on sale for $450. My daughter is now 7 I guess I will have to use it until she gets old enough:rolleyes:.

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