Tikka T3 accuracy help needed!


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Jan 3, 2011
East Texas
here is the equipment:
a. Tikka T3 Stainless Lite 25-06
b. bell and carlson aftermarket (VAST improvement over factory stock) stock.
c. Talley one piece ring/base (aka no base(s), the base is part of the ring)
d. Vortex 6-10x44 plex
e. scope rings have been lapped, and all base/ring tops have been torqued to specification.

now for the issues....first off, all shooting is done off a lead sled, and with my other rifles i am fully capable of stacking rounds on top of each other (just so no one blames the shooter!). Started off with two different brands of quality 117g ammo, it was wild and all over the place. One shot would be almost a bullseye, then 3" high right, then 4" low left, then 2" center high, then almost a bullseye, and on and on. So I was told that the Tikka might light the lighter bullets better, so I grabbed some 100g corelocks, and they were no different than the 117g, ALL OVER THE MAP! beyond frustrated. I am woundering what everyone thinks the issue(s) could be, I am woundering if my scope is bad.
+1 on changing scope, scopes are one of the biggest problems in accurate shooting. Works for awhile and just when you feel good .................
I have (3) Tikkas and they all shoot sub MOA once I found the right load/weight for each rifle. My 243 likes the 95 gr supermax, my 7 mag only shoots the 140 winchester accubonds (so far), the 223 is still leaning toward bullets heavier than 55 gr. Check the scope mounts, action screws and try a few different weight bullets. Good luck.
My Tikka 25.06 likes those 100 gr. well enough.
Yep, I'd check that glass. Shouldn't be that far off.
The very first thing I would do is try another proven scope. Has the new stock been bedded?

Tikka are factory pillar bedded- edit- he killed the factory stock so that could be a problem; everyone I know who has luck with tikka is using the regular stock. I'd guess glass though. My tikka 270 shoots just about everything you shove in it into 1/2" at 100 if I'm on my game at all with no mods other than lightening the trigger to minimum.
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Shooting that wild points me to scope also. Something is bad wrong for it so shoot patterns like that. Also, try it without the sled. It matters not how your other rifles shoot with it, this one may not like it. Try a good, solid bag set up and see if that helps. If it is not the scope, I would say something is really wrong with how the rifle was put together. If you try a couple of these things with no luck, talk to Tikka, it should be their problem from there. Let us know how it goes, I am always curious about these type of problems.
I was having problems this fall as well. My point of impact was changing from group to group. Thought it was the scope, but ended up that it needed to be bedded.
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