Three 375 Cheytac Rifles for sale

Tikka Lover

Feb 2, 2008
Highland, Utah
NO TRADES. Serious inquiries only please.
The Proof barreled action can be purchased in the Cadex chassis or the Manners triple shell stock you see in the pics. They are NOT two different complete rifles, same barreled action just two different stock options. 30" Proof, 10 twist, Stiller TAC408 action, Jewell trigger, Terminator brake, BAER DBM with the Manners, Cadex mag with the Chassis. $7,000 in the Cadex chassis or $5500 in the Manners stock. New. 16 ish lbs

The black ratchet fluted barrel with the ripped diamond plate dipped stock has a cerakoted 31" Bartlein barrel, 8 Twist, Terminator Brake, Jewell trigger, Stiller TAC408 action bedded in a hard to find McMillan Super Mag Stock. One of a kind. No scope. New $6500 21 lbs

Black stock, black straight flutes is a lightly used rifle. Russo adj. stock, Stiller TAC408 single shot action, Terminator Brake, Jewell Trigger, 36" Brux barrel. Less than 50 rounds down the barrel. $4500 23 lbs can get the stock dipped any pattern you want if the black paint is not what you are after.

20190505_165235.jpg 20190505_164726.jpg 20190505_165159.jpg 20190505_165313.jpg

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