SOLD/EXPIRED 375 Cheytac for sale

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    Nov 10, 2010
    375 Cheytac for sale: *SPF*
    Lawton 8500 action
    Lawton 30" barrel 1:10 twist
    Lawton Brake
    Jewel Trigger
    Manners stock
    40 min pic rail
    Set of FL dies
    Sierra 350grain- 220 count
    Lehigh 330 grain- 48 count
    Barnes 350 grain - 70 count
    brass 20 count
    round count 120
    Barrel is clean and bright with NO throat erosion.
    $3250.00 for every thing (at this price shipping is included to your FFL from Alaska
    email me at
    Scope and rings not included

    Accuracy was at its best at 3166 fps with 133 grains of Retumbo
    Over all was at 3.975

    This rifle weighs aprox. 16 lbs. I hunted with it this year here in Alaska. Rifle shot consistent .5 groups with Barnes 350 grain bullets out to 340 yards.
    Unfortunately I must sell it to pay for bills. Call me if you have any questions

    Please email me for photos at
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