1. BigBucks18

    LH Custom 28 nosler w/ 3 barrels

    I have a left handed custom built 28 nosler with 3 barrels. It was built by Butchs Guns in Oklahoma and is a hammer. Stiller Tac 300 action Manners EH-1 stock desert camo Jewel Trigger 1st Barrel - 24” 8.4 twist proof carbon 28 nosler threads 5/8x24 40 rounds on it 2nd barrel - 26” 9 twist...
  2. Goldy300

    For Sale Custom 6.5 Creemoor "Classic Hunter"

    I am selling my 6.5 Creedmoor to fund another build. It is built on a Mack Bros. action. DLC'd bolt. Has a fluted Bartlein #3 contour barrel cut at 21". Cerakoted in Elite Midnight. Has a custom seamless thread protector for when it is not wearing the can. Threaded Muzzle (5/8x24). Bedding in a...
  3. Runnin N Gunnin

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 7mm SAUM built by LRI

    This is a fully built 7mm SAUM on a Remington 700 short action that was built by Long Range Inc. This gun has never been fired. It has a Bartlein #4, 1:8 heavy spiral fluted barrel at 26". It's approximately 27 3/16" with brake. The barrel was fluted by Kampfeld Customs. All the gunsmithing work...
  4. specter29

    SOLD/EXPIRED Brand New Custom 6mm Creedmoor, Origin short Action, Proof Barrel, KRG Chassis, Hellfire muzzle brake

    Brand new Full Custom 6mm Creedmoor Never fired. 1 in 7 twist 22" Proof Competition Contour Barrel .184 Freebore 5/8"-24 threaded barrel with Hellfire self timing muzzle brake. Origin Short action. Also comes with magnum bolt face. KRG Bravo stock with LOP Spacer kit, Tool-less buttpad height...
  5. .300 Dakota

    Custom Wildcat 2 Years in the Making

    So I finally finished it tonight! This project started on the drawing board 2 years ago this month, and kicked off with dummy rounds being sent to Preferred Barrel Blanks in Utah along with the order for a barrel. This design isn't really a long range cartridge. Rather, it's intended to kill...
  6. Jud96

    NEW ACTION- Pierce Engineering Skele-Ti

    I have some exciting news for you guys! We have developed a new lightweight hunting action at Pierce Engineering. This action is a skeletonized version of our successful Titanium action and it incorporates a lightened steel bolt. We were able to match the weight of our Ti Featherweight action by...


    I recently built this rifle myself as an all around lightweight hunter. I ran into a situation which ended up with an ambulance ride, emergency room visit, and an overnight stay and that doesn't come cheap which is the only reason I am selling this. I built this rifle using the following parts...
  8. jackie_daytona

    SOLD/EXPIRED FS Custom Precision 6.5 PRC

    For sale: Brand New MPA Bolt Action 6.5 PRC. I had it build in June and have decided to sell to build another. MPA Competition Chassis, integrated arca rail, Curtis Axiom Action, Folding Stock, imbedded leveler, monopod, Trigger Tech Flat Trigger, Area 419 magazine extensions (10 round...
  9. Rent Outdoor Gear

    Custom Titanium 6.5 Creedmoor

    Lone Peak Razor Ti action, Proof Sendero 24" 1:8 twist with Titanium MBM brake. Trigger Tech special PVD trigger, AG Composites Alpine hunter carbon stock, Oberndorf BDL bottom metal cerakoted. 20 MOA rail, flush cups left side, sling studs, bipod pic rail. Has Vortex Razor LH 3-15 with a...
  10. jackie_daytona

    SOLD/EXPIRED Salient Arms Glock 34

    For Sale: Tier 1 Package Glock 34 by Salient Arms Hand Fitted Bar-Sto Barrel, Slide Cuts, Salient Arms Flat Trigger, and Heinie Straight 8 Sights. Sale includes 3 + magazines $1,600 shipped to your FFL.
  11. A

    300 wm custom freebore velocities

    For those who have 300 mag Chambers with increased freebore what kind of velocities are you seeing? I think I've decided on a custom 300 wm barrel over a nosler or RUM and I'm curious how much I'll be leaving on the table.
  12. Huskershooter6.5

    Adjustable or non adjustable

    Hey guys, so hoping to finally start the custom build this spring. Currently deciding between ag composites alpine hunter or manners eh1. My question is there a good way to figure out if I need an adjustable stock or not? If I went adjustable I’m leaning ag because it’s only 8oz more than the...
  13. Goldy300

    Defiance 300 WinMag w/ Nightforce NX8

    Still tossing around the idea of selling my Custom 300 WinMag. It is built on a Defiance Deviant Hunter. DLC'd bolt. Cerakote Elite Smoke. Proof 28" Carbon barrel with 1:9 twist with radial brake. Manner's EH-5 Carbon Stock bedded. American Precision Arms DBM. AICS CIP length 3.75 internal 3...
  14. Bjt308

    Weatherby Mark V 6.5 creedmoor rock creek barrel/ patriot valley arms

    This is a weatherby mark V in 6.5 creedmoor. Barrel is a 22” rock creek #4 contour threaded 5/8-24 put on my Patriot Valley Arms. The barrel only has 10 rounds down it. The action is cerakoted midnight blue and the trigger has been worked to about 2 pounds. Overall the gun is in good shape...
  15. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Custom 6GT/ IMPACT 737/ Foundation stock

    We are selling this beautiful 6GT! Build only to take to SHOTSHOW and show off last week! Ship immediately. (As long as you take it in its current configuration) (supressor not included) specs foundation Exodus stock Impact 737 right action Benchmark cut rifled 7.5T 24” VCC contour Chamber-...
  16. One Hole

    SOLD/EXPIRED Ammo/Brass Added - Full Custom Borden Alpine Mag 300WSM - with or without Swaro Z6 3-18x50 and Alas Bipod

    Original buyer, built in 2008, less than 100 rounds fired. See attached build sheet. Rifle was ordered with custom load development by Borden for sub-.5 MOA rounds. 100 accurate big game hunting rounds were also purchased from Borden. These have 168 Barnes TTSX bullets and I still have 12...
  17. S

    WTT/WTS Custom 22-250 AI

    Wanting to sell or trade my 22-250 AI built by Mike Davis at Davis Custom Rifles. Looking for a Christensen Ridgeline in 6.5CM or 6.5 PRC, or a Barrett Fieldcraft in 6.5CM (threaded). Those are my main interests, but would entertain others. Rifle Specs: -Rem 700 Blueprinted Short Action -27”...
  18. Hawkeye Pierce

    HELP Finding "XM" length box magazines

    OK everybody I need some major help. I'm looking to order an XM length action from Defiance machine but I can't find any box magazines to fit in the American Precision arms bottom metal. Does anybody use these types of actions or know of someone who has Dropbox magazines? Also do you know if...
  19. A

    New Rifle Opinion

    I am having a new rifle built with the following options - 300 Winchester Magnum McMillan Game Hunter - Olive with Black Speckletone Deviant Hunter - LA Proof Research Carbon Barrel - 26" Sendero Jewell Trigger - 2.5lbs Bottom Metal - OEM Remington BDL My question is more cosmetic than...
  20. 3warbird

    S1 turret system for Leupold VX3

    Looking to buy a S1 Turret system to fit my 6.5-20 VX3. I have waited too long to order one from Leupold before rifle season starts, hope one of you guys have a spare laying around. The S1 is the MOA version. Pm me and I can send you my phone # if you have one. Thanks in advance.