1. D

    2018 Wyoming Antelope & Elk Seaon

    Take a look. To sum up last season it was quick and went by too fast. Work had me in the office almost continuously. What time I did get I spent getting my old man his first pronghorn. That said, I did connect with a few critters and enjoy every minute!!
  2. Floundertrap

    Suggestions on build - browning ab2 - light palma - stock options?

    I'm building a long range rig on a Browning A-Bolt II long action and I'm having a little difficulty with the stock options. I plan for this to be an heirloom rifle and I want it right, even if a little odd. Let me say that I'm building the Browning because I think it's a very well made bolt...
  3. A

    Remington 700 Varmint SA 243 with VX-3 4.5-14x40mm

    Price: $1,500.00 Rifle: Rem 700 Varmint BDL, 243, 20" bull barrel Stock: HS Precision Varmint adjustable, glass bedded and floated Trigger: Shillen 2 lbs Base: Leupold Picatinny Rings: Leupold Scope: Leupold VX3 4.5-14x40 tmr with custom adjustable elevation turret for easy adjustment...
  4. BigPig069

    6.5 Creedmoor custom

    Remington 700 Action Trued , Bartlein M40 barrel, Ross Shuler Brake, Bolt Fluted and B.O. bolt knob, Timney 517 trigger, side bolt release, PTG Bottom Metal, Warne 20 MOA rail, B.O. Recoil Lug, On KRG Chassis all work done by Red Beard Gunworks in Portland Texas, including Cerakote work. 2300.00...
  5. 300whisper

    Or Trade Rhino Arms AR10

    Relisting...please delete.
  6. J

    WTT Semi-Custom 7mm Rem Mag

    For Trade Only, unless I find a rifle for sale that I want and cannot trade for. Built by Alamo Precision Rifles in Hurst Texas. This is their Maverick model. I refer to this as a semi-custom because it was built on a Remington 700 action and not a custom action. 7mm Rem Mag Trued Remington...
  7. Arctic Cowboy

    Semi-custom R700 300wm

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling to fund an optic upgrade for my range gun. •Rem 700 action trued and blueprinted Ceracoated sniper grey •HS Precision stock Glass bedded •Douglas 5A match Air Gage barrel (All gunsmithing done by Stan Jackson) also Ceracoated sniper grey •Bolt milled...
  8. ovastafford

    Custom 300 WSM Rem 700 DCGS Mcmillan Krieger

    Custom 300 WSM built on a Remington 700 short action by Dan Glover of Dan's Custom Guns. Fluted 26" Krieger Sendero contour barrel, PTG bolt, Badger Ordnance 20 moa rail screws opened up to larger 8-48 size and pinned on, Wyatts extended mag box, PTG BDL bottom metal, McMillan Game Warden...
  9. J

    Custom 22 Nosler mini 14

    Fully custom mini 14 22Nosler. Stainless 24” 1:8 twist . It’s fully bedded including pillars. As shown in pictures it shoots half moa. The 77 gr Nosler and 69 gr Nosler shoot .53” at 100 yards. The gun has 300 rounds down the barrel. It has been kept very clean and well taken care of. It...
  10. J

    Robar SR-90 .308 For Sale

    I have a SR-90 for sale low rd count in great shape. Shoots Factory Federal Gold Medal Match under 1/2 MOA as well hand loads. Load data provided to buyer. Please send me contact info for pics and additional info. This is a great rifle hate to sell but it has become a safe queen and there are...
  11. 3warbird

    PRICE DROP Savage FCP Lapua Semi Custom build TRADES ADDED

  12. NoTasker

    Nosler Custom M48 300 Win Mag

    Nosler Custom M48 300 Win Mag with Kevlar/Carbon fiber stock with Grey non-reflective Cerakote. I shipped it to Gunwerks and they put a Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x42 with G7 reticle on the rifle and validated the turret out to 1200 yards with 190g HPBT. Includes 60 rounds of Gunwerks 190g HPBT...
  13. Goldy300

    Custom Rem 700 300 WinMag

    Custom built 300 WinMag. Factory action has been trued and blue printed. Timed and tig welded bolt handle. Fluted bolt. Tactical bolt knob. Custom Stainless Steel Sendero/Varmint contour barrel, also fluted. M16 style extractor. Manners EH1 with mini chassis and DBM or HS precision stock with...
  14. ovastafford

    SOLD/EXPIRED Updated/Reduced Custom Hart Build Rem 700 300 RUM

    SOLD. Custom Remington 700 300 Rem Ultra Mag put together by Hart Barrels. Rem 700 Action Jewell Trigger HS Precision Camo Adjustable Stock Wyatts Detachable Magazine Bottom Metal 2-5 round mags and one 8 round. Hart 27" 1-10 Twist MedHvy Barrel Badger Ordnance Muzzle Brake Badger Ordnance 20...
  15. T

    Custom 7mm Remington Magnum - Weatherby Mark V Build

    Custom 7mm Remington Magnum - True 1000 yard gun! Well over $5000 invested Blueprinted Weatherby Mark V Stainless Action Custom Trigger Job set to 2 lbs Fluted SS Krieger Barrel McMillan A5 Stock Molded In Coffee Camo, 1' decelarator Pad, with pillars and custom bedding/fitting Flush Cups/Sling...
  16. R

    Bartlein Rem 700 300 RUM

    3oo Ultra Mag built on trued Remington 700. Pinned recoil lug. 27" bartlien sendero contour barrel. Stockeys LRC bedded stock, Harrels Precision brake. Has Wyatts CFE-9 magazine box that allows COAL of 3.990". Shoots the 230 Bergers and 212 ELDX 1/2 moa. Includes 20 moa EGW rail. For fastest...
  17. H

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Rem. 700 7mm rem mag w/ proof carbon barrel

    I have to get rid of a recent build, I hate to but here it is. Trued Remington 700 long action by Longrifles Inc. spiral fluted bolt with bolt knob and upgraded to 8-40 threads for scope base, 24'' proof research 1-8.24 carbon fiber sendero contour barrel. (installed by Whidden Gun works.) Area...
  18. D

    First Custom Build.

    So, after much deliberation on what rifle I would get myself this year, I decided I might venture into the custom build category. From what I've read, going custom seems to be an interesting, involved and fun way to add to a collection. So, I guess step one would be to pick a caliber. For...