1. Coercionist

    338 enabelr

    After researching cheytac sized rifles for a while now, Ive come to the conclusion the to fit my wants and needs a big 338 will be required. In my eyes there are three to choose from, arranged by case capacity: the 33xc, 338 enabler, and then the 338 cheytac/snipetac/allen mag. My velocity goals...
  2. Coercionist

    Standard 375 Cheytac vs Snipetac

    I have decided that I want to build a Cheytac sized rifle on a repeating action. For chamberings I was at one point looking at 37XC however, I want to shoot the heavier mono bullets from cutting edge and such so I want the extra power of the Cheytac case. My question is how much of a difference...
  3. G

    Cheytac M310 375CT single shot

    Cheytac M310 in 375 CT. This one was built by Barry Lawton for Cheytac. Low rounds. REAL Cheytac Ind. .375 Cheytac Single Shot M310 with US OPTICS LR 3.2-17 x 50mm Scope. 34mm tube. US mounts. Jewel Trigger. Gun zeros @ 500yrds. (+/-) Blue electronic lighted crosshairs. GENII XR Reticle...
  4. S

    375 Cheytac PTG Chamber finish chamber reamer and gauge

    Pacific Tool & Gauge 375 Cheytac finish chamber reamer and chamber gauge. Used once, immaculate condition. No burrs or chips. $197 for reamer and $67 for gauge, new. Sell for $200 shipped. PayPal ff or split seller cost or US money order.
  5. T

    375 Cheytac Dies. In Stock.

    Back in Stock. I have a few sets of 375 Cheytac dies up on my site currently. They now come in a nice Pelican hard case. 2 die set, Full Length sizer with neck bushing included, micrometer top seater. All relevant info is in the description on my site. Here is a link...
  6. W

    Hells Canyon Barrels vs Proof

    Does anyone have any experience with them? Looking for a carbon barrel for a new build and proof doesn’t offer the contour or twist I desire. Thank you for any help.
  7. T

    Three 375 Cheytac Rifles for sale

    NO TRADES. Serious inquiries only please. The Proof barreled action can be purchased in the Cadex chassis or the Manners triple shell stock you see in the pics. They are NOT two different complete rifles, same barreled action just two different stock options. 30" Proof, 10 twist, Stiller...
  8. D

    Jamison 375 cheytac brass 1x-fired 50 pieces

    Jamison 375 Cheytac brass 1x-fired 50 pieces, brass has been cleaned $70.00 shipped, have more available.
  9. T

    New 375 Cheytac Builds. Parts in Hand

    Hey Fellas, So I have been stock piling components for Cheytac builds over the last little bit so I could offer some Cheytac builds without my customers having to wait a year+ just to get an action, let a lone all the other parts. I have 4 actions currently and two more in a couple weeks...
  10. D

    Jamison 375 Cheytac brass 1x-fired 50 pieces

    Jamison 375 Cheytac brass 1x-fired 50 pieces, brass has been cleaned $65.00 plus shipping, have more available.
  11. I

    .375 Berger Bullet?

    If memory serves, a .375 Berger was in the works a year or so ago. Did anything ever come of it?