New 375 Cheytac Builds. Parts in Hand

Tikka Lover

Feb 2, 2008
Highland, Utah
Hey Fellas,

So I have been stock piling components for Cheytac builds over the last little bit so I could offer some Cheytac builds without my customers having to wait a year+ just to get an action, let a lone all the other parts. I have 4 actions currently and two more in a couple weeks. Single shots, repeaters, whatever you prefer. BAT and Stiller (1.450"). I have a few Bartlein barrels and a couple Proof carbon barrels also. Baer bottom metal for the repeaters and of course plenty of Terminator brakes to go on the builds. I have a Manners stock inletted for one of the Stiller TAC 408 actions and Baer DBM, with the Proof barrel you could make weight in Idaho if you wanted a hunting rig. XLR, McCree and Cadex make Chassis without much wait (one week in some cases). You can ask questions here or email me directly at [email protected] Price will depend on combination of components picked. A Cadex chassis is $2300 by itself so that would be at the top end of things. Finished builds will be around $5,000-$7,000 depending components picked. I am not selling parts, I am selling builds so don't ask if I will sell you just an action or barrel.

20190130_183605.jpg 20190130_191210.jpg

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