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About a year ago or so I was infected with the LRH virus.. I searched the net and found some "sniper" type forums and things of the sort then I found this forum.. over time I began to "chat" with numerous guys on this board and was overwhelmed with the friendliness and generosity of the members.. After I began to feel comfortable enough to post and answer questions of things I knew or wanted to know, I began to chat with some specific members and one inparticular took me "under his wing". I finally met this person(s) in Harrisburg and felt like I already knew him. Over time I help defend the LRH with him and ( many ) others on some other boards. I also continued to pick his brain ( as I have limited capacity in mine ) and I what I have learned has saved me years of trial and error... The entire time I was always amazed at the time and energy given to me to help me understand and do things right the first time attitude...
3 days ago I recently ran into a minor/major problem with a rifle. With his direction and a little guidence on who, what, where and how, this person basically solved my problem. He spent who knows how much time and I know for a fact drove 100 miles to a gunsmith to pick up parts of mine to give to another gunsmith. Mean while he took care of all the details with the first gunsmith. ( keep in mind I met him only once )
Without getting into the mushy/touchy feely stuff.. I cannot begin to say how amazed and awestruck I am by the effor to "just help out a friend" I am....
There are many here who will go to great lengths to help educate people in this sport and teach the neophytes ( like me ) how to do things right...

Today I am humbled by the efforts of one.

One who, I know has helped me and many others like Boyd, CJ an many more with questions, problems , and details that make the differnce....... I just thought that it shouldn't go unoticed by the "LRH fraternity of guys here".
He is always one to defend this sport and help educate all the rest...

Darryl Cassel, I humbly and sincerely Thankyou!!

I am humbled by your appreciative feelings and value your friendship very much.

I am always willing to help another LR shooter/hunter whenever I can.

The circle of friends and gunsmiths I have are all into longrange shooting of some kind and that makes the contacts very easy most of the time.

We will try and fix your problem and it will be better then it was when it was new.

Thank you for the kind words.

Your Friend
I have to agree with the Whisper. Darryl shared his thoughts and ideas with me as well as "The Posse and the Hole in Wall Gang." WE ARE BANGING ACCURATELY to 1450yds. as of late.
We all have something to expand on here. Let's do it!
Pass the affliction of long range hunting on to friends that you think would be an asset to our sport.

B.J.KLOCKO,Jr.- Gunsmith aka BJ KABOOM
I'll chime in here, too. Darryl has helped me with advice on my Tomahawk and other things, as well. He was right there with 6.5-284 brass and bullets when my gunsmith was asking for a dummy round for my new project and NOBODY had any brass. If we all help spread the love for this sport as well as Darryl has, we will all benefit. So much for for the mush--Let's go shoot.......
Glad to hear that everything is working out for you. I don't mean to pry into your personal medical life, but please, tell me what the dickens is "LRH virus" and how does it affect you.
I felt the same way with WyoWhisper. I was GULLIBLE that the Sierra MatchKing would blow up when punching the outside skin of the animal and cannot be used for hunting. I've been taught by uneducated hunters for years. After reading this for a while, Darryl and other wonderful LR hunters have proven that the MatchKing will do well in hunting. They have done it, not once, many times in the past years but some hunters still resist trying to use MatchKing bullets. I wanna thank to those people who educated us, all facts, no b.s. stories. I appreicate it very much and I'll try to help others like you did to us.
Now, I'm very proud to be a member of this forum.

300 Tomahawkallthewaay
First off I only know Darrel, Boyd, Wyo amd a few others from this board by chatting here and on one other board. I have had many posts exchanged with Boyd and Wyo and I would like to say, what goes around, comes around. I mean that in a good way. Wyo has helped me in more ways then one when is comes to LRH and I thank him for it. It must be something in the frat with LRH's since they are all so willing to help others.

We all see (on other boards) all sorts of fights/argeuments about all sorts of issues concerning hunting and firearms, scopes and the like yet it is rare to see any negativity between LRH's.

Although I have yet to meet any of you, hopefully one day I will have that pleasure, I mean HONOR.


>"but please, tell me what the dickens is "LRH virus" and how does it affect you"<

It's V-E-R-Y B-A-D-D.

Very few people that have contracted this disease, have ever recovered back to their normal life!

It usually (but not always) starts by contracting it from someone that already has it... seeing them at the range with a funny lookin' riffle... but you can also cortract it from books, magazines, and websites (but not from toilet seats)!

You start being vulnerable when you say "Whatzat?" at the range... you may get away scott free, but there's a 70% chance you alread have the virus growing in your brain cells.

Symptoms are:

1 - You look at the barrel of your Remington Varmint Special, and think it's the light weight version.

2 - You start thinking that 26" barrels are woods carbines.

3 - You start thinking that a 11 pound rifle, is a feather weight.

4 - When you go to the range, you keep staring off, over the last berm, into space... mumbling "I think could do it with a new rifle."

5 - You start passing Woodchuck shots at 500 yds, saying "Aw, that's a chip shot!"

6 - Crows at 600 and 700 start looking very interesting.

7 - You start carrying a Bushnell YP-1000 in the glove box, and take it out every chance you get, while stopped on country roads.

8 - The YP-1000 gets lame, and you mount a Wild optical rangefinder over the moon roof on your wifes car.

9 - Your wife files for divorce... she gets the house, the bank accounts, the country place... and the only thing you contest is your new 19 pound varmint rifle, your 27 pound deer rifle, the Wild RF, and the new 40x125 Chinese bins.

10 - You are lost, so give into it, and enjoy... you will have a lot of company at the "clinic".

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