I have to post something about this...


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Apr 19, 2008
So I have to post something about this...

I just finished checking COAL on my newly barreled R700 300 Win Mag and this gun is living up to be my dream all in one rifle.

Steve Kostanich of Chehalis,WA (Longtime Benchrest GURU and record holder from what I found out)put this gun together and he came HIGHLY recommended by Dan Lilja.

It's only a 26" Lilja Fluted #4 Contour 1/11" Twist 3 Groove barrel. But the reamer he uses lets me load 210 Berger VLDs into the lands with room to spare in the stock magazine.

And everything that has gone down this Tube as touched at 100yds and I took my longest kill at 610yds on a Pronghorn last season with it.

I'm just really happy with my first ~custom rifle.
Magnum, that sounds like a nice setup you've got. Tell me, how do you like the 11 twist? I assume it's stabilizing the 210's well with taking the 610 Antelope?? How far have you shot that load?
That is exactly the twist I wanted for my new barrel and also in a three groove. I had wondered if would stabilize a 210grn bullet. Now I know. THANKS! Maybe I'll stick with that setup. I was going to buy a Douglas to save some cash, but now you have me convinced. I just want a bit longer barrel in a 28 or 30 inch though.


Several good things in your post:

- The trend of success of those who follow Dan's recommendations continues to increase.

- The Lilja 3 groove barrel is a great design.

- Your enthusiasm for your rig is contagious.

Great Post!
I haven't really stretched this load too far yet. When I saw that Antelope buckI got excited and cranked the dope and squeezed. Cardinal Sin of Long range hunting but I did it and got lucky. And will never do it again with out proving the gun.

I really like the barrel... I didn't intend for this gun to be a LR hunting gun at all. Just my stand by in the corner but it's showing a TON of promise with the lighter contour.

I was originally going to rebuild another 700 I have into a 338 Edge and have that be designated LR gun. But life throws a few good apples your way some times.

I need some help finding somewhere to shoot here in Oregon. I'm new but I don't want to be a mooch either.
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