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Steve in Mi

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May 28, 2001
I was scrolling through some post on BR today. I come across a post on 1000 yard elk hunting. You need to read the post's most say it is inhuman. " If" someone would want to sart a nice peeing contest that would be the post to start the fire. That guy sure picked the wrong place to post. I did e-mail him and give this site to get some better answers from people here at this board. The post is about mid way down, oh he even thanks them for the reply latter in another post!!???

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Steve in MI,

Yes, I've read that this morning. I don't know why most of them say it is inhuman even though you practice shooting year round and you are capable to shoot 5" to 10" (exgarration) at 1000 yards. You are not suppose to shoot that far even you can hit the paper plate with 3 shots? Why don't they say "Inhuman" to snipers because they tend to shoot over 700 yards and could cause injury to the enemy soliders. I'm also a bowhunter and I know my limit when I cannot put several arrows in the paper plate. You can do the same thing with your "Specialized" LR rifle. See Darryl's rifles photo. It is designed for LR. Will they say inhuman to him also?
P.S. I tried to email you, Steve but couldn't get thru.
I can say If I were an animal I wouldn't want to be in anyones sights on this board EVEN at their LR maximum, I think I'd be dead and not anything else if I knew the REALITY of the situation. I would much rather be in the sights of the unlearned at a couple hundred yards and stand a chance.

For my 2 cents worth.

Over the years we have educated hard nosed "short range hunters" to our style of hunting. It took a lot but, once they saw it done, it was a different story to them.

The problem with most hunters who shoot at the 50 100 & 200 yard ranges (and always have) is;
1. They really don't know what their rifles are capable of.
2. They have never been around LR hunters to understand the ballistics and practice it takes to do it correctly.
3. Some just want to hunt 3 to 5 days a year and go back home and sit in front of their fireplaces.
4. Most would not spend the money it takes to LR hunt correctly and with the equipment needed to do so. Maybe I should say, their wives would not LET THEM spend that kind of money for guns and equipment. About $7000.00 to $8000.00 for starters would be a good guess.
5. Some would just rather keep on believing that because they screwed up at short range and an animal got away that it happens to us as longrangers. This is soooo untrue.
6. Others will NEVER believe their eyes even when you show them. They think it's a lucky shot when the animal goes down at ranges over 1000 yards and even 2000 yards.
7. Once they are converted, the price is not always a problem and they are out looking for all the equipment they can muster. So, there is some hope for these "Hard Noses"

It's best not to get in a Peeing contest with individuals like this because they just can't grasp reality, ballistics and bullet energy.
They may think they can because they killed a few animals and they saw the reation to that animal when hit at short range. Our game is totally different when the animal gets hit and one must see it to believe it.

Another reason we have our own LR Hunting forum is to open up with information pertaining to our experiances and any vocal doubter will be eleminated with the wrong statement on here.

Thanks to the Policies and Policing by Len, he keeps a firm grip on this forum and it has and will continue to prosper.
This forum is for Longrange HUNTERS and shooters ONLY and for those who honestly want to learn how it's done without throwing digs at those expressing their years of experiences. If one can't believe what is being said and makes verbal digs, they should not be here and will be eleminated.

We don't need those who would rather "put their Mouth in motion before their brain is engauged." This is a learning experiance for many on here and that's good.

Hope this Longrangehunting forum and all the particapants are on here a long time.

Thanks Len for having it.

Darryl Cassel

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Great post Darryl,

You hit the nail on the head when you said most dont know what their rifles are capable of. I hate hearing "My 30-30 is a brush gun and good to 100 yards max" It really amazes me when you get talking and respond with a shot at 350+ yards they are either offend or they think you are full of it. These are the same people that have never used a drop chart or a range finder so when they shoot they really have no idea of the distance of the shot.

I helped my father-in -law out he bought a new 7mag rifle to going out west on a pronghorn shoot. He was thinking that 300 yards was max distance he could shoot his rifle. after he shot over a 100 rounds during the next month he had a totally different opinion of longe range shot. He also dicovered how tough it is to shoot at a object at long distances, without knowing the range.
He is now a very good shoot. He did get a shot on one at slightly over 400 and brought home a nice buck.

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