Long Range topic on Accurate Reloading

Isn't it great, I really do look forward to those discussions.

I actually believe we converted a couple of guys on the "neverending" MatchKing thread.
Indeed I can appreciate that the best test is personal experience, so I will try the MatchKing (on game animals), and I apologize for any offense taken at my comments. (I've shot thousands of these pills at paper targets, so I've got good dope on them for certain...)

It's a bit troubling to think that Sierra is giving out mixed messages, as some of us trust in the advice from these "respected" sources.

Not wishing to reinvent the wheel, I trust in the truth of certain statements, like "don't fire your rifle after you've stuck the muzzle in the mud", rather than trying it out to see what happens.

But this MatchKing thing appears to warrant personal experience, and I bow to your firsthand knowledge gents.

And maybe it's time to try the Hornady AMAX too, because it's a fine long range bullet (at least to 1,000y in my .308).
Nate, what load for the 308 are you using with the A-Max? PS. Have fun with your rowdy discussions over there, they'll come around some day. Did I ever compliment you on how diplomatic you guys are? Wow!! Timex tough.
I thought that Mk thread is very interisting. To bad Bill T isn't playing any more. As you can see we try to give them good advice over there some guys will not belive it no matter how hard you hit them.
You guys crack me up. LMAO

My longest shot is on a mulie at 463 yards (Laser) with a 308 win, it was great! I told my brother-in-laws I was going for the shot, they kept telling me there wasn't anyway I could make the shot. I looked at my data card, adjusted my scope, looked for signs of wind, there was a 2 mile per hour wind. I compensated holding two inches right. I fired and my brother-in-laws jaws dropped, "what the *&ck"! It was a perfect shot, the deer ran 15 yards and dropped. Afterwards they were drooling over my data card and asking how I did it. The funny thing is they are a lot older than me and have hunted a lot more than I have. Oct. of last year was my second year hunting ever! I am 22 years old from a non-hunting family, and I have always wanted to learn to hunt.

I love hunting, and hate it when someone who couldn't hit a milkjug at 100 yards bash on expert marksmen. What my brother-in-laws didn't know is that for previous two months prior to hunting season I had been practices at least twice every week shooting out to 400 yards (max distance my range has). I now have a 1000 range available to me.
Watchout Mulies.

I'm just getting caught up on my forum reading and saw the AccurateReloading thread on LRH. I posted a response there.

web page

Pretty mild thread compared to most over the few past years. Maybe the education process is working!

Yes, this started out pretty vocal but stopped real soon.

I DO believe folks are getting educated about the processes, equipment and skill.

It's pretty refreshing to see the apparent change over the last couple of years.
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