These boys need your help with some LRH

Man I wish I was closer to a state with hogs, I would need to buy barrels in the six pack though.gun)
My dad and I were talking about trying to get in on some of this hog hunting, need something on the way down low budget though.:rolleyes:
That is not fun, that is in the next level of what fun is, that is F... AAAAAWWWESOME!!!!!
Great video, really enjoyed it.
+1 with bigngreen, about buying barrels by six packs.:D
Would really like to se more videos like that one.
I know that feral hogs are a huge problem for the states that have them, but **** that looks like fun. I don't want them here in Idaho, but could we move one of those states that does a little closer?:rolleyes:
Wow a ar-15 with suppressor and one of those FLIR scopes could seriously thin the hog population a bit!! Those sights seem to run around $10,000. If anyone could send me a link to a more affordable one that'd be great. My dad and I are probably buying nightvision sights, but this is even cooler :D
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