The best rangefinders..???


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Nov 20, 2002
I am new to this website and moderately experienced in long range shooting. Ive been reading the posts, however, and learned alot. One thing i do not have that i realize is critical is a top-of-the-line rangefinder. What would you guys with some experience in this area reccomend? I keep seeing the name "Wild"? Is that a brand? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
The "best" rangefinder is a military unit. DC may still have one or two units for sale. Big money, big performance, not eye safe. If you are going really far out and need to know quickly and precisely in any weather, this is it.

For eye safe laser rangefinders, the Leica's are in the running for top spot. Bushnell makes many models that may work for you if LR only means 500yds or so. Cheaper price. All are easy to use, small portable. Great for use when hunting. Some limitations with small targets and bright sunlight.

The Wild is an optical rangefinder. Big tube with lenses on the end. Wonderful optics, a great unit. Can range to 20,000m. Great compromise if going over 1000yds for shooting. Some error in the reading but with practise, that can be minimized. Right now very well priced.

Which ever you get, practise with it and learn its limitations. You will need one if LR is part of your game.

Howdy CWINN and all, I thought I had a buyer for my Wild RF, but he seems to have changed his mind or discontinued email capabilities.

Anyway, it's from Deutsche Optik, paid about $700 for it a few years back (when they supposedly were selling the nicest ones, take that for what it's worth). This unit is complete with both tripods, calibration instructions, lathe board, etc. Mil-spec containers, all original.

Buy it for $425.00 shipped. How about that?
Selling it for a couple of reasons. Need the money to buy a house, and the "plan" to move to Idaho and do the long range hunting has been delayed (for several years at least).

So being stuck in northern CA for a while longer, there's not much chance to use it (and the 1,000y rifle range where I do most of my shooting is already measured).
i took my leica 800 out yesterday. the weather conditions were sub-optimal for ranging. the snow as falling moderately with a wind of around 10mph. obects less than 200 yds would range most of the time. if it was greater than 200 yds, i got the error code. it's too bad they sold out of the 1200 model. the 1200 is suppose to have better electronics to help with ranging in inclimate weather. i may return the 800
How much are the Vectors running and where can one get them? Oh ya, how far in bright sunlight do you get with them? What is the farthest it has ranged too, I just got 1240 yards with my Bushy 1000 the other day, it was overcast with quite a bit of cloud cover, a low was moving in. It was bangin out 1000 to 1150 pretty fast, about like it does at dawn or dusk just a bit slower.
You never said where I could get one and what they cost though?

Sounds like they do a good job though.
Are they eyesafe?
S1, I'd like to hear where and how much also!!!
I was already considering spending my income tax refund check(FYI, I'm not married) on some Geovids so caugh up the info, can I get them at my local National Guard Armory?!?
Believe it our not, last night I was looking at the Geovids in the Leica catalog I picked up at the '98 SHOT show and noticed that they were missing one vital piece of information.....inclination angle! Seriously, you're killing me, do tell....PLEASE.
OK, S1, sorry but I couldn't wait! I found the Leica Technologies website and called their contact phone number. They gave me another number to Ashbury International(1-703-404-0335) who is their distributor to get info(with pricing) from. I'll hopefully be getting an info pack and price sheet for the Vector IV in the mail soon.
FYI, the Leica Geovid and the Vector, while being very similar are made by seperate divisions of Leica. The Geovid is manufactured by the Leica Camera division, while the Vector is manufactured by the Leica Technology division. Another quick note: I was watching the Discovery Channel's four part program on Snipers a few weeks ago, and noticed the military was using a LRF that resembled a Geovid but had a different outer guessed it, it WAS a Vector. I sure hope the price isn't TOO much more than the Geovids.
Time will tell.
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