Good job on your moose. They are tasty and hard to kill. I've seen one take 11 hits and die a slow agonizing death. I did not have anything to do with the poor thing but some other hunters in the same meadow my client and I were in shot the thing and shot it and shot it... Then they wanted me to help them pack it out. I did manage to get the heart, liver, and tenderloins (all had bullet wounds) for caping and field dressing it for them. They had to carry it out by themselves.
Those guys should have chosen something a bit heavier than that AR15 for hunting moose.

I thought all you moose hunters used a cartridge that hits like freight train.
Very good! And wasn't there someone that said our advice wasn't worth a bucket of warm spit?

Congrats. LB
I would like to thank all the members that took the time to respond to my previous posts regarding some troubles I was having with my rifle/handloads. I switched powders to H4831sc and immediately found a load that gave me well under .5 MOA with the same 200gr sierra BTSPs. The load is 71.5 grains of powder ingnited with a federal 215M primer. I'm not sure about the velocity I didn't get a chance to chrony the loads. Your help paid off big time. I managed to get a weekend off from work and dropped a 600 - 700 pound moose at 340 yards (not exactly long range but it'll taste good all the same). This is my first moose and I didn't realize how tough they really were. My first shot punctured both lungs and took a piece off the tip of the heart and the moose didn't even flinch, so I fired again and hit it again through both lungs, still the **** thing just kept walking, so I fired one more shot through the ribs and it took a couple of steps and fell. The only reason I fired three shots was that I could not tell if I had hit it yet, the moose didn't miss a beat and I didn't know I had hit it for sure until I found the moose in the grass with three gunshot wounds through the chest. Anyhow thanks again for the advice and votes of confidence I appreciate it. Time to go fill the deer tags.
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